Thru Jim's Eyes


I stare at the blank screen. The blank screen which represents so many future journal writings and blog entries. The countless stories representing so many peoples lives and experiences.  My writings will capture some of those experiences.  More importantly, they are written with the hopes of wetting your appetite for your own travels, your own experiences.  Whether you dream of Paris in springtime, riding the night train to Katmandu, taking a slow… Read More

Hawaii is an amazing place of opposing happenings. This culture is living and breathing and dying all at the same time. My new friend, Uncle Junior, has been fishing since he was 12 or 13. He shares his story with me about how he learned fishing from his grandfather. He shows me a conch shell.  It was huge and beautiful. I feel his pride in finding it and collecting such a large… Read More

I am sitting, watching the ocean. It’s so beautiful with it’s different shades of blue. I listen to music with my headphones on.  I feel the wind on my face.  I close my tired eyes as people drift past me, walking through the resort and enjoying their vacation. As I relax, eyes closed, getting into the rhythm of the beat of the music playing in my ears, I smell the ocean.  As… Read More

I once heard a man say, “Where focus goes, energy flows.” This is true for the concept and belief that life is not meant to be a struggle. I have heard others say, “We learn the lessons in life for the people we will teach or minister to.”  When I first started my video blogging anyone could post just about anything on YouTube. I was recording beautiful Hawaiian sunsets and setting them… Read More

I have a theory why Hawaiians are so peaceful. It’s the salt water. Years ago when Leise and I lived in the mountains of Arizona, we were newly married and we were 2 strong personalities butting heads and doing whatever it took to make our marriage work. One day someone had suggested we purchase 3 pounds of high quality sea salt, as opposed to table or Epsom salt.  Then next time we… Read More

I just received the following comment the other day and I loved it so much that I had to share it.  There are so many people who dream, wish, hope, and pray for great things in their life. For most, that is all they will ever do.  One of my readers has reached that point in her life where she has made the choice to step up and ask the first questions… Read More

I am standing in Kona de Pele Cafe on Ali’i Drive in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i. I am waiting for my wife’s chai to be made. We just ate a good breakfast at Bongo Ben’s Island Cafe. Satiated, I look out to the ocean water of Kailua Bay. The light blue of the clear water denoting a sandy bottom ripples up and down next to the deeper blue water covering the black lava rock…. Read More

I love Kona. I was just driving through the district of South Kona and it is so green and so very beautiful. When you drive south from Waikoloa Beach, driving through the lunar landscape which is the lava fields, you eventually pass Kona International Airport (KOA) to your right. The airport looks over the water as it is situated next to the ocean on the west side of The Island of Hawaii…. Read More

In the wee hours of the morning all is still, all is quiet. In the wee hours of the morning the moon is setting and the sun still sleeps. The geckos have not warmed their cold blooded bodies, the clouds are still dark all in anticipation of the new morning’s show. The birds start the show with an early morning song. They call to the sun stating that it’s time to wake up, time… Read More

My wife and I met 11 years ago and we are finally enjoying living the life of our dreams. Travel has been something we have never shied away from. In fact we both believe in taking around 2 months off each year. And we have. My previous career allowed us to do that. It allowed her to not have to work and me to take as much time off as we could… Read More

My wife says I am walking like a duck since I hurt my back. She says I walk like her Uncle Donald.  Evidently, he had back challenges as well.  I think she is funny. I check out the way I am walking.  She’s right.  I am walking like a duck. Last year Leise and I purchased the Skechers Shape-Ups walking shoes. They are designed to tone your body, straighten your spine, give… Read More

An acquaintance of mine was asking me this morning about sales. She just started in the industry of sales and said she didn’t know anything about sales. I was dumbfounded. Things which I take for granted and thought everyone knew, I find out they don’t.  I told her it’s like dating. I asked her if she had ever had a relationship with someone. She said yes. I told her, “Then you have… Read More

We are at a party today celebrating with some friends and I am grateful for my belief system.  We are enjoying a wonderful meal and playing some games at our good friends house. I just finished a discussion with a sociologist who is here. It was most interesting. I love listening to the world views of sociologists. They have studied things I haven’t. They have the facts, figures, and data that I… Read More

I awoke today remembering the fresh smells of the desert in winter.  Now some of you may say the desert has no smell, much more, in the winter.  I say it does.  You know that time just after the sun comes up, when the birds aren’t quite awake yet.  You must strain your ears to hear signs of life.  Then you quiet your mind.  Close your eyes and you see with your… Read More

We can officially say we have friends in high places.  Growing up in San Diego, California I knew I would someday own my beach house and my mountain cabin. In San Diego you live at or near the beach. The proximity of the ocean water makes you relax as the smell of the salty sea air permeates your clothes, fills your day, and the warm light breeze caresses your body.  As you… Read More