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It’s Ironman season again. The warning signs to “Watch for Athletes Training” are everywhere.  The first cyclist in their cyclist uniform became visible over the last 2 weeks. I say cyclist uniform because we all know the look. The spandex tops and bottoms with so many corporate logos that they remind us of a moving billboard. In addition, the streets of Kona have become a little congested with drivers who, quite obviously,… Read More

  Sitting by the waters edge, watching people walk by wearing t-shirt memories of their present vacation I am moved and humbled. My wife doesn’t allow t-shirts with printing on them in our house. She says they are tacky. She is my fashion stylist and darn good at it. I try to remember when was the last time I purchased a shirt like that. It has been probably 15-20 years ago. I… Read More

There is a very simple formula for success… If you stay focused on this simple 4 Step Formula you can’t go wrong. #1     Define your dreams. #2     Break down your dreams into easy bite size action steps. #3     You have to cut all dreams stealers out of your life… Period! (see posting “Becoming A Man”) #4     Run as fast as you can towards your dreams and don’t ever stop until you achieve… Read More

People often ask me what it takes to live your dreams. The first and most important thing is this: #1   You have to cut all dreams stealers out of your life… Period! Along the path towards your success you will change in many ways. You will outgrow those around you who don’t share or understand or even feel threatened by you achieving your dreams. As you achieve your dreams it shines… Read More

I was doing some reflecting back to a past New Years… 1/1/10 You may notice the date I put is not the date I am posting. I do this because my new life started 1 January, 2010. I recognize this because of where I was at midnight 1/1/10. I was in the arms of the one I love, My amazing wife. I was in Las Vegas for New Years Eve. I have… Read More

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, Everyone was lazy, lazy as a mouse (gorged on cheese). The ghost of the Boo rustled in his tent, Presents bought, money spent. With I in my flannel and ma in her nightie We wait until midnight To see the man some call Whitey I never said I was a poet. I just felt the muse come upon me and I had… Read More

This is a most special time of year. There’s a chill in the air. The scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, and peppermint waft passed us as we walk through the shops. There is a warmth and friendliness that says Thanksgiving. The anticipation of hot turkey with gravy, cranberries, stuffing and all the trimmings is almost unbearable. Would you believe that Hawaii has wild turkeys running around all over the place? You see them… Read More

  Life is good. Gosh, life is amazing. Right now I am relaxing in a round, well cushioned chair looking out passed the palm trees to the ocean while listening to the music Keali’i Raichel. Stopping at Pine Tree Cafe for lunch we arrived in Waikoloa Beach for some fun and business. Feeling the need to relax and remember why we moved to Hawaii I walked into the Marriott Waikoloa Hotel and… Read More

It’s autumn again and I am excited. I love watching the leaves on the deciduous trees change through the spectrum that defines autumn.  The air is cool and the colors are warm. I can already smell, in my mind, the fireplaces burning last years seasoned wood. Yes, when you live at 3,000 feet elevation in Hawaii it is cold and people do have fireplaces, unfortunately I haven’t seen any leaves changing yet…. Read More

I am an alien. I am a transplant. I am a haole. I could live here a hundred years and the most I will ever be is a “Resident of Hawaii.” I even wonder if I will ever truly use the term “local.” I have spoke of this before. To be Hawaiian one must have Hawaiian blood running through their veins since birth. Then there are varying degrees of Hawaiian. There is… Read More

I am often asked why I moved to Hawaii. My response has usually been, “Because of everything which is Hawaii.” As I sit here I look across the golf course, through the palm trees, up the hill towards Waimea.  The hills along the Kohala Coast are covered in fluffy, puffy clouds. I am awed by the richness of the colors. Since Hawaii is the most remote place on the face of the… Read More

Leise and I stuck around the booth a bit that week and the following and learned more about the coffee.  John had sold coffee for 2 years working with a friend from “South Island,” an area called Ka’u. He had samples of this as well.  Likewise, fantastic coffee. The Javaloha label was from the northern part of the island on the Hamakua Coast. What’s the difference?  Ka’u is grown on the side… Read More

I recently was recounting my introduction to Hawaiian coffee and I felt compelled to share it. I was truly excited when I got invited on an exclusive tour of White Mountain Coffee Company’s farm. Why was I so excited?  Since I first began to have big dreams I said, “In my life I will own a coffee plantation and a vineyard.”  Today, I become 1 step closer to my dream of owning… Read More

I saw the bumper sticker yesterday, “If you could ask one question of God, what would it be?”  My question would be “Why?”  Why do I have such trouble reprogramming my mind around childhood issues? Why do I have to work so hard for something I desire so much?  Why do I love so much?  Why do I hurt so much?  I try to do everything right and yet it still feels… Read More

I love to see my iPad display read no service. As cell phones first came into existence we had to deal with the first generation of “mobile” phones. The term cellular was not used at the time. In the early days of mobile phones you had to carry the equivalent of a boom box or ghetto blaster on your shoulder. They were 2 pieces, you had the hand set which was attached… Read More