Living the Life

Living the Life


Life is good. Gosh, life is amazing. Right now I am relaxing in a round, well cushioned chair looking out passed the palm trees to the ocean while listening to the music Keali’i Raichel. Stopping at Pine Tree Cafe for lunch we arrived in Waikoloa Beach for some fun and business. Feeling the need to relax and remember why we moved to Hawaii I walked into the Marriott Waikoloa Hotel and order a Longboard beer. Seldom do I ever drink, but on occasion I do enjoy relaxing with a good local beer. Walking out to the lanai and selecting the perfect spot to share this great day I notice the trade winds are particularly light and nicely warming. Fall is not over. The cooler temperatures spurred by the winds off the mountain haven’t settled in yet. Drawing in a deep breath and releasing it I let go of any and all concerns in the world. All is right. All is good.

We ate the French fries on the drive here. They are always good. Thick cut but not wedges. Perfect golden color. The macaroni salad was perfect. A little potato and a little tuna mixed in with a few peas and pieces of carrot make it 3 salads in 1 and a very nice blend. We split a Reuben and a turkey club sandwich.

Taking a break from writing I look up, put on my sunglasses, stare out over the vastness of this little respite. A common mynah bird struts up between the couches, then another. They are working their way around to get behind me. I think they want my sandwiches. Then again….

As I look out to the beach I see some of our favorite spots for filming, taking photos, or just splashing around and watching the honu (Green Sea Turtle). With the prospect of going snorkeling later today my spirit picks up even more while relaxing deeper. This is why it has been worth it to chase our dreams. This is why we worked through the pain of learning the lessons we did while growing as individuals. This moment right now makes it all worth while.

From the beautiful Island of Hawaii I bid you aloha and encourage you to follow your dreams. It’s worth everything you will go through to get there.

Aloha from the Beautiful Island of Hawai‘i,

James Christopher



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