Thru Jim's Eyes


  Life is good. Gosh, life is amazing. Right now I am relaxing in a round, well cushioned chair looking out passed the palm trees to the ocean while listening to the music Keali’i Raichel. Stopping at Pine Tree Cafe for lunch we arrived in Waikoloa Beach for some fun and business. Feeling the need to relax and remember why we moved to Hawaii I walked into the Marriott Waikoloa Hotel and… Read More

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                    This week is an unusually wet week in Hawaii. Here on the Big Island, especially in Kailua-Kona the rains have barely taken a break for days. Moving here from the arid desert of Las Vegas, we are loving the rain for a change. Our skin is no longer dry and cracking, requiring gallons of moisturizer applied liberally and often. We have been… Read More