The Beach

Beach 69

Today we are relaxing at the beach. The time is late afternoon. The weather is warm and cloudy, but not muggy. You can feel the light trade winds as you listen to the waves crashing on the beach. You smell the salt air. It’s a clean smell. The type of clean smell you only find when you are somewhere exotic and remote. You can see sailboats up the coast in the distance looking towards the silhouette of Maui.

We are visiting friends today. We usually get together about once a month and come to this beach. We sit, sharing great food and heart warming stories, catching up on the past month’s events in our lives. Today is special. It is our friends’ anniversary.  One more reason to get to the beach and feel the sand underneath our toes. I just wanted to share this moment with you. Now it is time to eat and be sociable. Have a blessed day.

Aloha,  James Christopher

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