Thru Jim's Eyes


I love the Japanese. We are sitting outside Cafe Kona De Pele coffee cafe. As I relax looking out to the water of Kona Bay peacefully moving up and down, with the light dancing on the mirrored surface, I listen to conversations of other patrons. A group of Japanese women behind us are uncharacteristically laughing and smiling as they compare photos from their Hawaii vacation. As far back as I can remember… Read More

I saw the bumper sticker yesterday, “If you could ask one question of God, what would it be?”  My question would be “Why?”  Why do I have such trouble reprogramming my mind around childhood issues? Why do I have to work so hard for something I desire so much?  Why do I love so much?  Why do I hurt so much?  I try to do everything right and yet it still feels… Read More

I once heard a man say, “Where focus goes, energy flows.” This is true for the concept and belief that life is not meant to be a struggle. I have heard others say, “We learn the lessons in life for the people we will teach or minister to.”  When I first started my video blogging anyone could post just about anything on YouTube. I was recording beautiful Hawaiian sunsets and setting them… Read More

I have a theory why Hawaiians are so peaceful. It’s the salt water. Years ago when Leise and I lived in the mountains of Arizona, we were newly married and we were 2 strong personalities butting heads and doing whatever it took to make our marriage work. One day someone had suggested we purchase 3 pounds of high quality sea salt, as opposed to table or Epsom salt.  Then next time we… Read More

I just received the following comment the other day and I loved it so much that I had to share it.  There are so many people who dream, wish, hope, and pray for great things in their life. For most, that is all they will ever do.  One of my readers has reached that point in her life where she has made the choice to step up and ask the first questions… Read More

art by: effbomb I’m sitting in the car waiting for AAA to show up. No. I am not mechanically inclined. I feel those who are, are cool. I never quite learned those skills growing up. The car skills that I did learn, I don’t want to use, because I would end up greasy and I’m not dressed properly for it. My car has decided it doesn’t want to start. I believe it… Read More

I recently purchased a man-bag for my iPad. It is very handsome and is not a murse (man-purse). It is not large enough to be called a satchel.  It is appropriately called a messenger bag.  It is just a little larger then my iPad. The bag is just large enough to fit my basic necessities. I will discuss what goes into a man’s man-bag at a later date. That is a different… Read More

I don’t follow sports. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I am un-American. I have simply been one of those people who would rather do than watch. I don’t mind watching football, baseball, soccer, or rugby.  But I love playing sports. Heck, I love playing just about anything. I am a kid at heart. But I don’t follow sports. When I was at Costco this past week is when I first… Read More

Trust… or the lack there of, is the basis for the quality of relations. I find myself disappointed on this beautiful day. The day is beautiful. Someone I trusted to cover my back did not. They also failed to follow through by letting me know they would be unable to cover my back. Rules and guidelines are important. They help a child become a productive, active adult and member of society. When… Read More

As I sit it a chair in our living room, windows open, light tradewinds blowing across my skin, wind in the palm trees outside, the Mina birds singing and calling to each other, I wonder about this project: My Hawaiian Blog. I was discussing with Leise this morning how I was pondering what it means to be living in Hawaii and what do I write about. I love my wife. I am… Read More

We are truly blessed.  I mean, as an experience we are blessed.  This thing we call God, The Infinite Intelligence, The Divine, The Big Kahuna.  I have heard many speakers and great thinkers passed and present say we just need to quiet our mind and live in gratitude.  It was recently when I connected to that Source again.  In my youth I did meditation.  In my middle years I went all organic… Read More