Questions for God…?


I saw the bumper sticker yesterday, “If you could ask one question of God, what would it be?”  My question would be “Why?”  Why do I have such trouble reprogramming my mind around childhood issues? Why do I have to work so hard for something I desire so much?  Why do I love so much?  Why do I hurt so much?  I try to do everything right and yet it still feels like some of the same issues keep coming up. You want to piss me off, tell me I can’t do something. I have rebelled, almost as long as I can remember, against constraints or limitations placed upon me. My attitude when I saw a “Don’t Walk” sign was to cross the street immediately. That or I would skip or dance across the street so I could say, “Look, I’m not walking. I did what you said.” (Quite juvenile. I know.)

Going through major change can be scary. Emotional insecurities about what one’s abilities and talents are can be challenging and bring up our greatest fears. Since my teenage years my saying was, “Do what you fear most. Stare into the eyes of the dragon.” That belief took me down some interesting and sometimes very dark alleys. Now I look for the light in all things and people. Usually I find it. But when I am not feeling light it is easier to find the darkness in the world. Thus I come back to the question, “Why?”

Why do I have to go through this pain of learning something new? Why do I have to drive the speed limit? Why can’t I have it all now?  The answer is you don’t have to. You don’t have to go through the pain of learning anything. You don’t have to drive the speed limit. You can have it all. The answer is predicated upon 2 facts: 1) You asked for more out of life; 2) You do have to do the work to get that which you have asked for.

You don’t have to go through the pain of learning something new… unless you actually what to live your dreams. You can be homeless and live on the streets. You can also live in a mansion on your own private island. The studies show the smartest people are also the wealthiest people. So learning something new is usually required to live your dreams.

You don’t have to drive the speed limit… unless you actually want to live your dreams. You can speed to your hearts content. This might conflict with the rule of law in the area you live and you might find yourself in jail with your car impounded and your license revoked. You can also find an area where you can drive as fast as you desire. There are race tracks throughout the world and racing clubs as well. Then there is always the autobahn in Germany.

Finally, you can have it all. “Now” is another subject. What I have learned is it takes 2-5 years to master almost anything. Relative to a lifespan 2-5 years is a blink of the eye. Depending on how long you live you will have 16-40 of these 2-5 year blocks in your life. So look at the past 2-5 years of your life. What were your goals 2-5 years ago?  What have you accomplished towards your goals in that time?  What have you learned towards your goals that is new in that time?  How much closer are you closer to “Having it all now?”  If you are closer, then kudos. Reward yourself today. Reward yourself for making a plan to better yourself and your position in life and taking action. If you desire to “have it all” and you are not any closer than you were 2-5 years ago… make a plan now!!! Use the SMART goals as a basic format. You can find SMART goals online with simple search. Take the next 2-5 years and start achieving your dreams.

I know the question asked at the beginning, why, was the question of a child. I also know that we are all just little kids in big bodies. Thus the question may come up again throughout my life when I truly redefine my dreams and choose to achieve them, committing myself at a deeper level than I had before. Through this journey we call life I have learned that the question is not, “Why do I have to progress with my life?” as much as “How do we measure progress?” When you do this little exercise of, “Where were you 2-5 years ago?” and compare with where you are at today, you may not be where you want to be, but if you have been taking action steps then you have been progressing. And that, my friend, is the key to happiness. Make progress towards achieving your dreams and “the why” no longer matters.

Aloha from the beautiful Island of Hawai’i,

James Christopher

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