Aloha, I am James Christopher.

Blogger. Traveler. YouTuber.

Most of my life I have dreamt of living around the world. My wife and I met in 2002. Every year of our marriage, we kept saying we will take off and start living our dreams “next year.” Of course, like most people, another year would pass and still, we had made no movement toward living our dream…

We finally started asking ourselves the hard questions of why we weren’t moving forward. It mostly came down to ‘FEAR.’ Fear of the unknown! Fear of moving halfway around the world to a foreign country! Fear of change! That evil 4-letter word that keeps most of us from truly living our real life. The life we were meant to live. The life we always dreamed of living. This realization motivated us to make some drastic changes.

We decided to force ourselves out of our comfort zone to face our fears. In 2011, we made the choice to start living our dreams and began our journey by moving to Hawaii. Living in Hawaii has been one of my biggest dreams. Our plan is to spend 3-4 months exploring each new part of the world. When we first started talking about our dream, we made a list of the top 20 places we would like to live.  Among those countries to which we will be headed are Argentina, the Caribbean, Ireland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Japan. Of course, Hawaii will always be home … we knew that the moment we first landed on this island. It took us both by the heart and has never let us go.

I believe a life worth living is a life worth journaling and this is why I am here. I blog about my passions which include Travel, Food, People and their Culture. I also blog about the adventures and choices that come up with moving around the world. I hope this helps you see how you too can do anything you set your mind to and will encourage you to live your dreams.

Enjoy experiencing my blog and I look forward to meeting up with you somewhere around the world.

With Love,

James Christopher


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