Staring at my iPad

jim in a daze

There are daze that I think about writing and I stare at my iPad. Daze like today. I purposefully use the spelling d-a-z-e instead of d-a-y-s, because that is what I feel. I feel I am in a daze, trying to think of something witty to say. Maybe something empowering. Maybe something great or lofty. Then my brain starts to hurt so I stop thinking. Like right now….

Then all of a sudden I feel my connection to the Infinite Intelligence. Now recognize, I still have no idea what I am going to write about. But I feel it is going to be good and I feel it is going to be lofty.  Then it is gone because I was over-thinking and too busy explaining to other people, like you. I am not upset and certainly not with you. You are great and wonderful. You are divine. You are my silent audience. I love you. No, I am upset with the disconnect from The Infinite Intelligence (a.k.a. G@D). I can feel when the connection is turned on or about to be. I recently described it to a friend as:  down slightly and a little to the right. This is relative to my normal view of the world. Down and to the right. I have talked with various left-brain artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives and asked them if they can identify the direction of their connection. Most have said yes.  My connection has a specific vector. It is most interesting. Some may call me crazy, others enlightened. I like the term connected to G@D.

I have heard Dr. Wayne Dyer talk about basically channeling entire books. That is probably the best term. Anyway, I have strayed from the point due to interruptions. Thus I shall end and see if this ever makes it past the cutting room floor.

aloha,  James Christopher

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