Fish Hopper Seafood And Steaks Restaurant Review… for lunch


We arrived on a Wednesday afternoon at the Fish Hopper Seafood & Steaks Restaurant. Not a good day to be downtown Kona. If you follow my blog then you know, Wednesday is cruise ship day. Thus we had a 15 minute wait in slow, relaxed Kona town. Since we are all about the ambience, we requested a bay front view table. The good news is the 15 minute time estimate given us was spot on. We walked around a bit, took some pictures and by the time we returned (15 minutes) the table was just being prepared for us.

We sat down and placed our reservation with trepidation. The downstairs seating is street front and thus a little noisy. As we settled in and looked around we realized the location is superb. Fish Hopper has one of the best views in Kona of Kona Bay. Right as I began to notice the wait and began to blog, the food showed up.

The food presentation is beautiful. For an appetizer we ordered the crispy coconut shrimp. It is true to its name. It is crispy, but not too. It came with a sweet chili sauce and is quite delicious. I will definitely order this in the future. Leise ordered the Spinach Salad.  It was served with grilled chicken, fresh strawberries, blue cheese, macadamia nuts in raspberry vinaigrette. The dressing is amazing!!! Leise has already mentioned at least 3 times how wonderful is her salad and how surprised is she considering the restaurant’s outward appearance. The Mac nuts with the strawberries, blue cheese, grilled chicken and vinaigrette was the best Leise has had, ever. Mind you, Leise is a retired gourmet chef. She knows what she is talking about.

I ordered the Crab & Shrimp Louie Salad. The thousand island dressing is a nice complement, not over powering, to the shrimp and crab. The fresh mango, papaya, cucumber, tomato, and egg, wedges on a bed of fresh mixed make the salad a complete meal which is a pleasure to the palette. Based on everything we are eating now, I am excited to try dessert.

Now it’s on to the Lilikoi Cheesecake and Flourless Chocolate Cake. The cheesecake has the consistency more of an gelatin moose pie. It was very light and very creamy. The flavor was amazing because it had both tart and sweet. The flourless cake is more like a brownie cake versus a silky smooth flourless cake would be. (Leise is also a retired pastry chef. She knows these things). Regardless of what it should be based on the name, the flavor is great. A nice mix of light, sweet, thick, and delicious chocolate.

My critiques are thus: the wedges in my salad and the pieces of spinach in Leise’s salad are too big. The “cheesecake” had some hard gelatin in it which had not been strained out. (Deserts may not be their specialty.) The waitress was surprisingly not good. Deduction of points for bringing the check without asking if we want dessert. I understand they were busy, but now the restaurant is half empty. I felt like she was trying to push us out the door. Even when we did order dessert she added it and brought back the bill immediately. As I said the downstairs is loud. I think we will try upstairs next time. We were charged for the cheesecake with the hard rubber/plastic looking gelatin and had to ask that it be removed. Points off. But the appetizer and entrees were fantastic. They do serve eggs benedict for breakfast, our favorite, and we will come back for that sometime soon.

On a 1-5 rating with 5 being the best: Food quality receives a 4 surfboards, ambience receives 3.5 surfboards. If it was quieter or not on the street it would receive 4 surfboards for ambience. Service was a surprising disappointment with 2 surfboards. For overall I rate it 3 surfboards. With a better service and no dessert it will probably receive a solid 4 surfboards. For now, we still recommend Fish Hopper Seafood & Steaks Restaurant.

Aloha,    James Christopher


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