The Man-Bag

man bag

I recently purchased a man-bag for my iPad. It is very handsome and is not a murse (man-purse). It is not large enough to be called a satchel.  It is appropriately called a messenger bag.  It is just a little larger then my iPad. The bag is just large enough to fit my basic necessities. I will discuss what goes into a man’s man-bag at a later date. That is a different blog.

My man-bag is made of leather.  The color is that reddish brown. Not quite burgundy. Not quite brown. Therefore it goes with just about anything I where. This is important. How a man dresses says a lot about his character. Does he take extra time for the proper grooming of his body?  Does he pick his clothing to make sure it pops when he puts it on and steps out in public?  This is the difference between being accepted into certain social circles or being ignored. Let’s face it, regardless of where a trendy fashion statement may go, one must always look their best. If you question any of this or you would like to seek out a great resource read Clinton Kelly’s book “Freakin’ Fabulous: How To Dress, Speak, Behave, Eat, Drink, Entertain, Decorate, and Generally Be Better Than Everyone Else.”  This is a book every man should have. It will help anyone who has or used to have trouble fitting in to the social circles of which they choose interact.

I truly do love my man-bag. It is very fashionable. It carries what I need. This leaves my pockets free so my pants lay flat against my body, like they are designed to. This means my pants are not weighted down with lots of junk thus pulling my pants down or pulling on the belt making my pants ride funny on my body. A man’s pants should NEVER ride below his underwear waistband.  That is just not classy.  Likewise, no one wants to see another person looking like they slept in their clothes last night. My man-bag helps prevent all these possible wardrobe challenges and fashion faux pas. The final point is this, with pleats officially being out of style my pants no longer have that extra space in the pocket area. Thus my pants fit flatter on my body and I must start working out to get my body into better shape. I like changing fashion trends. They have allowed me to work out and look great.  Then relax for a few years before it was time to start working out again. But most of all I love my man-bag, I mean messenger bag, because it caries and protects that which is valuable and precious to me, my iPad. Lol.

You really shouldn’t take life that seriously!

Aloha,  James Christopher

2 Comments on “The Man-Bag

  1. Hi, I have this very same bag made by Fossil, paid about a hundred something dollars. I’ve had it for about three years, and although it is practical, for what I paid I expected better quality. You see all the liners as well as the bottom of the bag are leather looking plastic. With time it cracked and peeled off. The leather is holding up though. Good luck.

    • Aloha Cesar. Thanks for the comment. My Fossil Man-Bag is still holding up great and I have beat on it a bit. I would buy from them again. Good luck with yours.

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