Game Day


I don’t follow sports. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I am un-American. I have simply been one of those people who would rather do than watch. I don’t mind watching football, baseball, soccer, or rugby.  But I love playing sports. Heck, I love playing just about anything. I am a kid at heart. But I don’t follow sports.

When I was at Costco this past week is when I first realized that the Super Bowl was today. I knew it was coming up sometime in the next couple weeks, but I had no idea it was this week until I saw the crowd of vendors at Costco getting all excited and yelling and cheering their respective teams as they promoted their food assignment.

Now, as I watch the game, I am thankful for digital video recorders. I made sure I found the high definition television broadcast so I could watch ‘The Game’ in high definition. It makes the experience so much better, like being there without the noise and the crowds. I can turn the crowd down, mute them, pause them for a bathroom break (or other) break, or even watch ‘The Game’ tomorrow if I need to.

Being that I grew up in California I have to root for the 49ers. But the reason I am watching at all, is to see a good game. I watch to see the best of the best at what they do, in a competition for the top trophy. If the Ravens win, I will be less excited, but if it is a great game I won’t care who wins.

I love the ability to pause a game. The sports announcer just said, “Look at the 2 wide receivers. They are both double covered.” Pausing allows me to see, immediately, what he’s talking about. The experience is so much better, because I can study the placement of the players and figure out what he is talking about. Lol.

For now, I watch the game and hope for a 49ers victory.


James Christopher

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