Life Is Not Meant To Be A Struggle

Paddle with the current.

I once heard a man say, “Where focus goes, energy flows.” This is true for the concept and belief that life is not meant to be a struggle. I have heard others say, “We learn the lessons in life for the people we will teach or minister to.”  When I first started my video blogging anyone could post just about anything on YouTube. I was recording beautiful Hawaiian sunsets and setting them to a background of local Hawaiian music artists. When Google purchased YouTube they changed the rules. YouTube started requiring a “right to use” license for any audio which wasn’t created by me when used on my videos.  It became so bad that my wife’s blog was flagged because there was background “ambience” music where we were recording. This had nothing to do with anything we were doing. You could barely hear the music while we were recording, but the Google computers picked up the noise.  This happened multiple places. It happened when recording at our favorite coffee shop in Waikoloa Beach. It happened when we recorded at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. Everywhere we went there was background music which we couldn’t use. The last thing you want when you have a YouTube account for business is to have Big Brother (Google) shut you down.  Having your account even flagged is like being audited by the IRS. Even though you know you would never steal anything and you are doing everything in good faith, it still leaves you feeling exposed, naked, and vulnerable.

As I have often said, “I believe there are only 2 things in life: Good and Very Good.” In this case the “Good” is, since my music making skills are not well developed, I have been forced to reach out to the musicians who’s music I had been using and request their permission to use said music. Out of this I find I am making contact with some amazing artists and really stepping out of my normal world. They speak a different language.  The language of art, music, creativity.  I feared what they would say. Specifically, “No. You can not use our music unless you pay us big money.”

It took me a month to write the letters. Then another couple weeks to send them. But I sent the letters. I am still alive. The sky didn’t fall. My YouTube account did not get shut down. I am still in business. Phew!!  I sent my first requests out, some for what was already posted and some for future video blogs. I have received a warm welcomed response. Only one letter resulted in a response from the artist’s attorney stating that they would forward the request to the artist. Again, life is not meant to be a struggle. This philosophy has been a big help. I figure any negative response simply means that the artist is not supposed to receive some free advertising from me.

The “Very Good” is the music artists I am meeting and a whole new sector of society which I used to feel closed off from. Where will this lead me? Who will I meet?  What amazing projects will result?… All from being threatened by Google.  Life is not a struggle.  You just need to watch where the river is flowing and paddle with the current.


James Christopher

2 Comments on “Life Is Not Meant To Be A Struggle

  1. Hi Jim! I met you the other night at the King’s Shops in Kona. I was the teenage girl with her mom, that walked in to the quaint little shop just out of curiosity. We immediately connected and started talking about life in Hawaii, and how badly I wanted to move out of my state. However, you told me something that will stick with me forever: I have to find internal happiness before I try searching for happiness by moving out of my state. Believing that I’ll be happy if I live somewhere else is silly, because wherever I may go, I take myself and my negative energy with me. The way you live your life and the way you process different situations has truly inspired me. I am so thankful for meeting you the other night, because you honestly have steered my life back on the right path. Those few minutes we talked made such a positive impact on my life, and I vow to live by the spirit of aloha. I hope our paths cross again. God bless you 🙂
    – Brooke Lynn

    • Thank you so much Brooke,
      I enjoyed talking to you and your letter was beautiful to read! Please keep in touch, I would love to hear about you life journey!

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