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As I sit it a chair in our living room, windows open, light tradewinds blowing across my skin, wind in the palm trees outside, the Mina birds singing and calling to each other, I wonder about this project: My Hawaiian Blog. I was discussing with Leise this morning how I was pondering what it means to be living in Hawaii and what do I write about. I love my wife. I am grateful for her presence in my life both personal and professional. She reminded me of the simple things which I have, after 1 year, started to take as common place. Things like: the coconut. From there I remembered seeing the yellow billed cardinal, or the red crested cardinal, and the koi fish, and snorkeling in a new spot and getting so excited because I recently saw the largest, boldest, brightest Moorish Idol fish I have ever seen. With all these memories flooding back to me I remember this thing called Hawaii, a veritable Garden of Eden, is a place and space which most people dream about. I am reminded of how much I love living here. I share my experiences of living in Hawaii from that place of complete gratitude.

James Christopher

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