Social Media

art by: effbomb

social sandals

I’m sitting in the car waiting for AAA to show up. No. I am not mechanically inclined. I feel those who are, are cool. I never quite learned those skills growing up. The car skills that I did learn, I don’t want to use, because I would end up greasy and I’m not dressed properly for it.

My car has decided it doesn’t want to start. I believe it is the starter. I am hoping it is something innocuous which will not require much time in the repair shop. In the past I would have brought it to the dealer and let them deal with it. When the economy took a dump the car dealership decided to make up lost revenues previously derived from sales by jacking up their repair rates. So if “my baby” does require work “she” is going to the trusted friend of a trusted friend who happens to be an auto mechanic with a private shop.

“The trusted friend of a trusted friend,” what an interesting choice of words. You hear a lot about social media these days. I know social media is the number one marketing tool, because it is an example of what I just did. Social networking works this way. I know Jack. Jack knows Sarah. Since I know Jack is a quality guy, I know he would only hangout with quality people. Therefore, I know Sarah must be a quality person. As one of my friends would say, “Guilty by association.”
This friend of a friend I may go see is trusted, because of the social network. I hope I don’t need his services, but if I do, I feel comforted knowing he has been highly recommended by a friend “I know, love, and trust.”

Aloha,  James Christopher

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