Fish Hopper Restaurant Review… breakfast


We are back at Fish Hopper Seafood & Steaks restaurant. We enjoyed our lunch the other day so much that we had to come back for breakfast. Leise ordered the pancakes. I ordered the eggs benedict. I find eggs benedict to be a defining dish for a restaurant. If they get that right usually everything else will be fantastic.

Initial responses are that the pancakes are uninspiring. They taste processed and Leise doesn’t not recommend them nor would she try them again. The potatoes with the eggs benedict are cooked with onions and green bell peppers. They are tasty but not amazing. The eggs benedict are quite nice. Nothing amazing about them, but definitely good. If I wasn’t married to a gourmet chef I probably would think more highly of the eggs. The eggs themselves don’t seem to have a strong flavor. They don’t taste like free range organic eggs. All in all, we won’t be back for breakfast soon.

On a 1-5 rating with 5 being the best: Food quality receives a 3 surfboards with flavor a 2.5, ambience receives 3.5 surfboards. If it was quieter or not on the street it would receive 4 surfboards for ambience. Service was a 3.5 surfboards. For overall I rate it 2.5 surfboards for breakfast. For now, we still recommend Fish Hopper Seafood & Steaks Restaurant for lunch and dinner, but not breakfast.

Aloha,    James Christopher


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