Why are Hawaiians so peaceful?

Endangered Monk Seal

I have a theory why Hawaiians are so peaceful. It’s the salt water. Years ago when Leise and I lived in the mountains of Arizona, we were newly married and we were 2 strong personalities butting heads and doing whatever it took to make our marriage work. One day someone had suggested we purchase 3 pounds of high quality sea salt, as opposed to table or Epsom salt.  Then next time we were having a passionate disagreement we should draw a hot bath and pour the salt in the tub and soak in a salt bath for 20 minutes.  We thought they were crazy. But since we were crazy about each other and committed to each other and our marriage, we figured we should try it out. So next passionate disagreement, which we had the presence of mind to act, we drew the bath, poured in the 3 pounds of sea salt, and got in the tub for 20 minutes as prescribed. Here is what happened…

At first, we were all upset at each other.  Everything she did was wrong.  Everything I did was wrong.  She was a witch. I was an insensitive jerk. But we talked to each other…. Then we listened to each other…. Then we laughed at how silly the argument was and we remembered why we loved each other. It worked. It worked so well that we vowed to never let our home be without a 3 pound bag of sea salt. Leise and I can be very passionate sometimes. So we took a lot of baths together over the following years. Over time we saw a pattern. The trick is, when doing the salt bath, you must stay in for at least 20 minutes but don’t stay in more than about 23 minutes. No less than 20 minutes and no more than 23 minutes. The reason is when we would cut it short because something was very important and we “had to” get out early, we found ourselves still harboring some resentment or ill will. When we stayed in the bath longer than 23 minutes we started to soak up the negativity. Literally, the conversation would go from “I hate you. You jerk” to “I love you” within 20 minutes. (the turning point seemed to be around 17 minutes). Then at 23 minutes it would change to, “I love everything about you… Except there’s this one little thing…!!!”

Fast forward to present day. We are living in Hawaii. I am meeting so many mellow peaceful people. They are warm, happy, relaxed, and open.  I knew from growing up in San Diego, California that the closer you get to clean salt water the more mellow the people become. At least this was true for the U.S. West Coast. I always attributed it to the salt air and few people. The more I speak to the surfers, divers, spear fishermen, or anyone who gets into the water regularly the more I am convinced of the therapeutic properties of salt water. I speak to many people who come to visit Hawaii and they are trying to de-stress and unplug from the mainland. My prescription is always the same. Get into the salt water for 20 minutes. The great thing about the ocean is it is huge and can absorb any and all negativity you can release into it.  So stay in as long as you choose. Of course, some people will have their excuses (trying to hold on to their pain like a badge of honor). Excuses of, “But I don’t swim” or “I try to stay out of the sun… I have a skin condition.” Blah, blah, blah. “There are only 2 things in life: Results or Excuses.” ~ Jase SouderSolutions are out there. You just have to decide wether you truly desire and deserve the peaceful bliss which people find when they visit or live in Hawaii.


James Christopher


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