My wife Leise

I was doing some reflecting back to a past New Years…

1/1/10 You may notice the date I put is not the date I am posting. I do this because my new life started 1 January, 2010. I recognize this because of where I was at midnight 1/1/10. I was in the arms of the one I love, My amazing wife. I was in Las Vegas for New Years Eve. I have talked for years about traveling and doing and seeing things I feel are worthy of writing books about. So that year we flew to Las Vegas and rented a place for the winter. I tell you, if you like crowds and frivolity Las Vegas is always great. But for New Years it is fantastic. The crowds were smaller than I expected, I think in part because of the prevailing belief there is something wrong with the economy. I am still feeling the contact high from all the pot that was being smoked by various people throughout the crowds. The evening was cold and beautiful. We headed to The Strip at 11:10pm. Although it took some time getting in, we parked at Planet Hollywood and just told the security we were planning on doing some gambling, shopping, and meeting some friends. We arrived on The Strip at 11:40pm. We moseyed on up to the Paris and found a wonderful place up against the barricades in front of the Eiffel Tower. I love the crowds. All that energy and potential energy. Neither my wife nor I drink anymore, so we don’t always appreciate the drunks. But it was a lively crowd all celebrating the possibilities: Leaving the past year’s turmoil in the past; Moving forward to a new life filled with new beginnings. I always love New Years because of this hope that people have. Anything can happen. Expectations are high.

At the stroke of midnight fireworks were shot off simultaneously above The Palazzo, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, and the the City Center Project. WOW!!! It was, no pun intended, a blast. The fireworks display was great. There were plenty of hugs and kisses to go around for all. Love was in the air, hope was restored, and we can finally start the life we were meant to have. From that day forward I have taken huge steps forward to fulfill my dreams.

For me, moving on from that night, I remember my feelings and emotions. I allow them to drive deep into my very essence. I place them in a position to affect my daily routines. I allow this desire, no, this expectation of better times to fill me and drive my daily actions. George Bernard Shaw wrote, “As long as I can conceive something better than myself I cannot be easy unless I am striving to bring it into existence or clearing the way for it.” This is the essence of my life. This is the essence of this blog. I invite you all to share in my journey and create and develop your own life worth living.


James Christopher


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