Never Hawaiian

Never Hawaiian

I am an alien. I am a transplant. I am a haole. I could live here a hundred years and the most I will ever be is a “Resident of Hawaii.” I even wonder if I will ever truly use the term “local.”

I have spoke of this before. To be Hawaiian one must have Hawaiian blood running through their veins since birth. Then there are varying degrees of Hawaiian. There is true Hawaiian which is 100% pure blood. Last estimate I heard there are only a few thousand pure blood Hawaiians left. Then there are all the hapas. Hapa means partial. Those are the people who are less than 100% pure Hawaiian.  If you are a transplant, if you have moved here from somewhere else you are a resident. If you were born here but not of Hawaiian blood you still are only a resident.

Many times I have heard the term “local boys” used. As I understand it, it is in reference to the Hawaiian young males who have grown up here. We have only been living here a little while. I know I will never be called a local boy. I will never call myself a local. As in, “Yeah, he’s a local.”  Is there a certain amount of time which is required to live here before anyone would use the term local to describe me?  No.

I am pleased with the term malahini (newcomer).  I will always be haole to some because of my physical features. With a great tan I fit in more, but I am still haole.  One of thing I have learned in the time we have been here is this: Hawai’i and the Aloha Spirit is something one carries within one’s self.  It is in the way we live and breathe.  The Aloha Spirit is something which comes truly from your heart and others speak of it, but a humble man doesn’t speak of it himself.  It’s the Path that is important.  Live Aloha.  Walk the path of righteousness.  Judge none.  Love all.

From the beautiful Island of Hawaii,


James Christopher

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