What Does It Take To Live Your Dreams?

There is a very simple formula for success… If you stay focused on this simple 4 Step Formula you can’t go wrong.

#1     Define your dreams.
#2     Break down your dreams into easy bite size action steps.
#3     You have to cut all dreams stealers out of your life… Period! (see posting “Becoming A Man”)
#4     Run as fast as you can towards your dreams and don’t ever stop until you achieve them.

Anyone who has defined their dreams and gone after them knows that it’s not always that easy. We often get caught up in the head drama of “I would do blank but I can’t because of blank.” When you are defining your dreams do it as if you had no limitations. We always start in Fantasyland and we work into reality. But what is reality? Where would we be without the Steve Jobs and Elon Musk’s of the world? Where would we be if there weren’t people who realized that we define our own realities?

Start with the concept of “What would I do if I knew I could not fail?” then you are starting with the proper mindset. Most people are too caught up in where they are to be able to see where they can go. Once you are past the limited thinking Step 1 is easy… Just dream.

Step 2 is much easier. Imagine yourself in your outcome. You have already achieved your goal. What or who is new or different in your life? By seeing yourself in your outcome all your brain has to do is look back and retrace how you got there. It sounds a little weird to some but try it. You may just find out you are brighter than you thought, especially now that you are thinking clearly from your outcome.

Step 3. You have to cut all dreams stealers out of your life… Period! To make a long story short, you must remove, delete, divorce everyone in your life who is a dream stealer.  I had to do it with my birth family. If people can’t be happy for you reaching for the stars, if they want to pull you down, remove them from your life.  For details read “Becoming A Man.”

Step 4 is the toughest and the easiest part at the same time. You have defined your dreams. You are all excited about living your dreams. And you have a plan to succeed. All you have to do is a simple set of action steps. Wow. Was living my dreams really that easy?  Yes!! And No!! If it was that easy everyone would do it. Remember, to become someone you have never been, you will have to do things you have never done. This is the part that really separates the people who just take pictures from the people who change the world!!!

Inside you lives the most powerful force in the universe, the indomitable will of the spirit. It is what has defined every level of greatness that has ever been reached and achieved by humankind. You can’t fail, unless you quit. Evaluating and if need be changing strategies sometimes is wise. The key is YOU just gotta do it. Start NOW!!! Believe, Believe, Believe. Believe it in every cell in your body, every CELL that you can achieve your dreams and You Will!








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