Why Hawaii?

Why Hawaii?

I am often asked why I moved to Hawaii. My response has usually been, “Because of everything which is Hawaii.” As I sit here I look across the golf course, through the palm trees, up the hill towards Waimea.  The hills along the Kohala Coast are covered in fluffy, puffy clouds. I am awed by the richness of the colors. Since Hawaii is the most remote place on the face of the planet there is virtually no pollution. Thus the skies are crystal clear blue, the clouds are pristine white, and all the colors of the green grass, palm trees, bushes, multiple shades of azure water which makes Hawaii the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

Then as my mind relaxes in to the peaceful sensory overload which my eyes are receiving, my ears hear the calls of the different birds. When I first moved to Hawaii or only came on vacation prior to moving here, I couldn’t truly hear the birds like I can now. As my mind relaxes being drawn in by the scenery I am wafted away to the sight of a beautiful multi-colored Java Temple Finch as it chirps it’s short little song.  These finches look like a 3 inch tall puffin.

Then there is the temperature…. Even when the temperature gets hot in the summer the light trade winds blow bringing cooler breezes off the ocean water. At other times the wind comes down from the higher elevations, again bringing cooler air to give a reprieve front the heat. The temperature year round is 70-80 degrees.

Then there is the Hawaiian culture…. I have grown up with an internal belief in the wholesome goodness of people and their highest potential. Have I seen some darkness? Of course. But on the whole I have been able to hold onto my belief that there is good in the world and I believe in the bible school teachings I learned as a child. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Thou shall not bear false witness.  Love thy God before all others.  Love thy neighbor as thyself.  These are simple and beautiful ideas.  So when I found a culture, the Hawaiian culture, which doesn’t just preach, but actually lives these values, I knew I was home.

Finally, we talk about Hawaii-time…. Hawaii time is that sense of prioritizing. It is a way of saying nothing is an emergency except an emergency. Oh, and by the way, there are few true emergencies. It is the concept that if you show up a few minutes late it’s no big deal. When people stress about time or events the are thinking things are waaaaaay to important. When you live in Hawaii that which you used to think is important you find isn’t. That which you wish you had time for, you find time for.  I remember when I came back from Maui after my first trip to the Hawaiian Islands, I was living in the mountains and wearing a Hawaiian print silk shirt. Someone asked me why I was wearing a Hawaiian print shirt in the mountains of Arizona.  I simply responded, “Maui is not a location… It is a state of mind.”

To live in Hawaii was my dream since I first came here.  It is not everyone’s dream.   My point is this: 1) Write down your dream; 2) Make a plan; 3) Then take the action steps to live your dreams.  You get one life (that I remember) make it all that you can!!!


James Christopher


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