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I am truly grateful. I feel I came a long way last night.  As I have mentioned before, my vision of moving to Hawaii is something like a Hollywood movie. I arrive. I learn the native language, their customs, their dance, their chants. Then the king comes down and greets me as one of their own. Their after I am Hawaiian. I learned that I can never be Hawaiian, because I have… Read More

When I used to do sales… A typical day would be… I get up and I am all excited and very positive minded about how I am going to help the world. I would go out and talk to everyone I know and anyone willing to listen.  If I was not talking to someone and pushing myself to talk to the next person I had feelings of inadequacy.  As if I should… Read More

It’s 12:09pm and there is no boat. As I look over at the Body Glove Cruises sign it indicates the next boat is at 7:30am. Since we know that we were scheduled for around noon time today, a short quick little panic goes through our mind as we wonder if we missed the boat. Then I realize that the sign is probably from this morning’s excursion and they didn’t change the sign…. Read More

art by: effbomb I’m sitting in the car waiting for AAA to show up. No. I am not mechanically inclined. I feel those who are, are cool. I never quite learned those skills growing up. The car skills that I did learn, I don’t want to use, because I would end up greasy and I’m not dressed properly for it. My car has decided it doesn’t want to start. I believe it… Read More

I’m sitting in Kona, in Target, at the Starbucks coffee shop. Leise had shopping to do and I had some paperwork to finish.  Asking if they serve Kona coffee here in Kona and being sadly disappointed, I ordered a coffee anyway. Just in case it sucks I order a small. Literally, my thinking was if it sucks I can always find a good cup of joe just about anywhere within spitting distance…… Read More

I recently purchased a man-bag for my iPad. It is very handsome and is not a murse (man-purse). It is not large enough to be called a satchel.  It is appropriately called a messenger bag.  It is just a little larger then my iPad. The bag is just large enough to fit my basic necessities. I will discuss what goes into a man’s man-bag at a later date. That is a different… Read More

There are daze that I think about writing and I stare at my iPad. Daze like today. I purposefully use the spelling d-a-z-e instead of d-a-y-s, because that is what I feel. I feel I am in a daze, trying to think of something witty to say. Maybe something empowering. Maybe something great or lofty. Then my brain starts to hurt so I stop thinking. Like right now…. Then all of a… Read More

When we first discovered Waimea we reveled at the cows calling to each other on Buster Brown Hill. Neither my wife nor I grew up around farms. We are both “city folk.” For example, we are awed by the beauty and majesty of the horses at Parker Ranch. We know they will come around to the fence line at sunset where we can watch them, pet them, and relax in the presence… Read More

Belly full. Brain slow. Eyes heavy. Thinking no. That was my version of poetry. Actually we just finished a film shoot and we really enjoy a good buffet, so off to the Marriott’s buffet we go. Sometimes we eat too much and the words start to come. If there is a flicker of humor or brilliance wrapped around those words they might become poetry or a song if truly inspired. Today just… Read More

The Depth of a Man can be measured by the depth of his thoughts and the depth of his dreams. I know a little about this subject. I have spent years working with people helping them find and live their dreams. I would ask them what is on their “Bucket List.” I would ask the questions, “If money was not an issue, where would you go?  What would you do? Who would… Read More

Today we are relaxing at the beach. The time is late afternoon. The weather is warm and cloudy, but not muggy. You can feel the light trade winds as you listen to the waves crashing on the beach. You smell the salt air. It’s a clean smell. The type of clean smell you only find when you are somewhere exotic and remote. You can see sailboats up the coast in the distance… Read More

I recently heard many people speaking about the national and world economy. The optimists and positive thinkers say, “The economy is just fine. There is opportunity in every challenge. That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” My personal favorite saying is, “There were more millionaires made during the great depression than anytime in history.”  The conservatives and pessimists tend to focus on the fact that this was the worst economy the… Read More

If you have been to my website and watched my video blogs then you know my tag line, “I believe a life worth living is a life worth journaling. That’s why I am here.” When someone first proposed the idea of journaling to me I said, “That’s what little girls do.”  They write in their diary all the little events of their day. They talk about how Little Billy looked at her… Read More

                    This week is an unusually wet week in Hawaii. Here on the Big Island, especially in Kailua-Kona the rains have barely taken a break for days. Moving here from the arid desert of Las Vegas, we are loving the rain for a change. Our skin is no longer dry and cracking, requiring gallons of moisturizer applied liberally and often. We have been… Read More

I was walking and speaking with a hawaiian woman and commented that I thought she should walk in front because the people coming here on vacation come here to see the wahine, the beautiful Hawaiian women. She was so offended. She told me I shouldn’t say that because it’s not pono, that which is right, righteous, and pure. She said people come here for the spirit which is Hawaii. I didn’t want… Read More