Cure for the Economy


I recently heard many people speaking about the national and world economy. The optimists and positive thinkers say, “The economy is just fine. There is opportunity in every challenge. That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” My personal favorite saying is, “There were more millionaires made during the great depression than anytime in history.”  The conservatives and pessimists tend to focus on the fact that this was the worst economy the U.S. had seen since the great depression. Even though we are past the worst they will still claim all kinds of doom and gloom.

Even with all the strides forward one thing is certain, this economy can use some growth. As part of that ever-optimistic, positive thinking, believer in the American Spirit and the indomitable will of that Spirit, I say,  “We are Americans and we can do anything!!!”  Yes we can!  Each of us can do our part. Will the going get tough?  Hell yeah. We are truly in a global economy with global competition for the first time in this country’s history. Never in the past has the competition been so fierce. And with a president who actually wants to fix the problems this nation has, the road may be longer than we like, but we will get there.

My solution is this:  Bring back the big band music of the early 1940’s. The music of greats such as Tommy Dorsey, Glen Miller, Fats Waller, Harry James, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and all such timeless music. Their style of jump, swing, jive, and boogie music with powerful brass, soothing clarinet, and melodic sounds of the orchestra is unparalleled. Their music made people jump and dance and forget their woes. It was a music that said anything is possible. I remember when my grandparents would play their old records from the 40s and they would just light up.

I have taken up listening to Sirius Radio channel 4 which plays music from the 1940s. It always gets me going and calms my spirit. I believe if we can get people dancing to this music (there were such great dances back then) we can fix this economy. How?  When we dance we move our body.  When we move our body we get fresh blood flowing into the cobwebs of the old negative thoughts. When we breathe new life into old negative thoughts we dispel them in favor of possibilities. When all this is timed to amazing music that speaks to your very soul it says, “Yes We Can!!” I believe we can accomplish anything. After all, we are America.

We can retool and re-educate ourselves. We are America the Brave. We are not America the scared.  We are America the strong.  We are not america the weak. We are not the United States of I can’t. We are Americans, not American’ts.  So turn your satellite radio to big band music of the early 1940s. Ask you grandparents to teach you the dances of their early days or rush to the closest Arthur Murray Dance Studio.  I am not from that era, so I will have to take dance classes myself. I hope to see you on the dance floor helping to save America one dance step at a time.

Aloha,  James Christopher

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