The Food Coma

Kona Country Club

Belly full. Brain slow. Eyes heavy. Thinking no.
That was my version of poetry. Actually we just finished a film shoot and we really enjoy a good buffet, so off to the Marriott’s buffet we go. Sometimes we eat too much and the words start to come. If there is a flicker of humor or brilliance wrapped around those words they might become poetry or a song if truly inspired. Today just a simple rhyme.

The trade winds blow light across our back. The grass is green and clean. The lava close is black. The ocean’s water mean.

That was another attempt at poetry… The ocean doesn’t look mean today. A little choppy. Hopefully not too much. We are going on a whale watching excursion in about an hour. Food is heavy. Running late. Time to go. We anticipate.

aloha,  James Christopher

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