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                    I awoke today and I needed to share.  I trust it will be an enlightenment for some of you reading.  We have all heard the saying, “Of all the things in life, you can’t fix stupid.”  Oh boy is that saying a lot.  In my younger days I did not realize we, I, had a choice in my life.  George Michael wore… Read More

We leave first thing tomorrow morning for our next seminar. I am going to be training with one of the top speaking trainers in the country. He has trained many of Tony Robbins’ speakers and I am ready to take my speaking to the next level. This past year has been growth spurt after growth spurt. Both Leise and I have learned so much. The interesting thing is, I still feel like… Read More

We are driving down the coast from Waikoloa to Kona.  As I am looking down the coast I see a huge monstrosity protruding above the horizon. The cruise ship is in. It must be Wednesday. I have heard and used the term “Island Time.” This term is generally used in reference to the importance of things and if I’m late it doesn’t mean I don’t care.  It simply means I’m on island… Read More

I don’t follow sports. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I am un-American. I have simply been one of those people who would rather do than watch. I don’t mind watching football, baseball, soccer, or rugby.  But I love playing sports. Heck, I love playing just about anything. I am a kid at heart. But I don’t follow sports. When I was at Costco this past week is when I first… Read More

It’s 3:07am. I am awake and listening. The voice in my head is skeptical as to why I am awake. I tried to roll over, but I have been listening to the dvd of Dr. Wayne Dyer. He talks about how in the early morning hours is when we are the most connected to God or Spirit. This is when he does most of his writing for his books. I am choosing… Read More

I don’t drink alcohol, generally speaking, but I do enjoy a good beer every once and a while. I always find it interesting, the crowd which beer attracts. Living here in Hawaii we have seen a few beer festivals in Honolulu and we have seen a few wine festivals.  They attract completely different clientele. The wine festivals are always more quiet and reserved. The beer festival, well gosh… “It’s a festival so… Read More

                  I had this Hollywood dream of becoming Hawaiian once I moved to Hawaii. Kinda like in Avatar or Dances With Wolves, or countless other movies. There is a romance about going to an exotic place and being welcomed and accepted as one of their own.  This is especially true when the people and place are as beautiful and peaceful as Hawaii.  Here’s what… Read More

We are spending the winter in Waikoloa Beach. We have been here 3 full weeks and we are in heaven. We are so completely grateful.  Understand, we totally loved spending time in Waimea, it is a great little cowboy (Paniolo) town of roughly 10,000 people. Everyone says aloha to you. There is such a strong feeling of community in Waimea. It is unlike anywhere I have ever lived. We made so many… Read More

I stare at the blank screen of my iPad. The blank screen which represents so many future journal writings and blogs. The countless stories representing so many people’s lives and experiences.  These blogs will capture some of those experiences.  More importantly, they are written with the hopes of whetting your appetite for your own travels, your own experiences.  Whether you dream of Paris in springtime, riding the night train to Katmandu, taking… Read More

My wife and I retired me about 4 years ago to live my dreams of traveling the world and sharing our experiences with the world. I remember the day. We sat down and asked ourselves the most important questions we can ask ourselves: 1) What would you do if you could not fail?; 2) What would you do if you won the lottery (after you bought all the material possessions and still had… Read More

Have I told you how much I don’t like cold?  Well, I really don’t like cold. I have been playing on my iPad for the last few hours up in Waimea.  The door has been wide open all day, because it was relatively nice earlier.  I usually have the door open all day so that ‘The Boo’ (our 16 year old Miniature Schnauzer) can go outside and relieve himself on his little… Read More

First, thank you for your concern. We are alive. You can still send flowers if you wish. My wife always loves flowers and you don’t need a natural disaster, or potential one, to show someone you are thinking about them. I spoke with a friend last night who was at a party in Puako Beach just 6 miles north of us. He said the tsunami warning sirens were blaring all around him…. Read More

We are sitting, relaxing, tired, at the end of a long Saturday. We are joyfully watching “The Good Witch” on Hallmark Channel. The warning comes… “A 7.7 magnitude earthquake has struck British Columbia and a tsunami warning is in effect until 2:30am for the following islands: Hawaii; Honolulu; Kauai; Maui.” Suddenly we realize we have no response plan. We talked about it, before we moved to Hawaii that if we were ever… Read More

Trust… or the lack there of, is the basis for the quality of relations. I find myself disappointed on this beautiful day. The day is beautiful. Someone I trusted to cover my back did not. They also failed to follow through by letting me know they would be unable to cover my back. Rules and guidelines are important. They help a child become a productive, active adult and member of society. When… Read More

As I sit it a chair in our living room, windows open, light tradewinds blowing across my skin, wind in the palm trees outside, the Mina birds singing and calling to each other, I wonder about this project: My Hawaiian Blog. I was discussing with Leise this morning how I was pondering what it means to be living in Hawaii and what do I write about. I love my wife. I am… Read More