Baby It’s Cold Outside…


Have I told you how much I don’t like cold?  Well, I really don’t like cold. I have been playing on my iPad for the last few hours up in Waimea.  The door has been wide open all day, because it was relatively nice earlier.  I usually have the door open all day so that ‘The Boo’ (our 16 year old Miniature Schnauzer) can go outside and relieve himself on his little grass patch outside.  Our little angel died last November and I still leave the door open so that I can still feel his presence here with us.  Somewhere over the last couple hours and weather took a turn for the worse. The temperature dropped by at least 20 degrees and we are quickly approaching subarctic temperatures, lol. My body feels as cold as my broken heart.

Okay, maybe the temperature didn’t drop that much, although it was close. And maybe we are not talking about subarctic temperatures.  The weather app I have on my iPad states the temperature is around 52 degrees, but the thermostat outside says 47. Until I pull my thermal underwear out of winter storage, 52 feels like subarctic.  I can here Ella Fitzgerald singing “Baby it’s cold outside.”

Less than a month ago the weather started becoming colder up here, but after that it warmed up again.  We were going to pull out our cold weather gear, but after it warmed up we changed our minds. I hope this is not whining too much, but when we are in Waimea during the winter, I miss my old fireplace in Flagstaff. Yes, in the mountains of Hawaii it does get cold enough to desire a fireplace. I can hear the crackling of the wood and smell the aroma of oak, juniper, aspen, etc. I can feel the warmth of the fire on my face as I think about placing another log on the fire in my mind. As I remember back to when we lived in the snow, I can see the wood pile outside in the snow offering more warmth if I am willing to brave the cold to retrieve the wood. When we build our winter cabin up here it will definitely have a large fireplace.

I love the snow and I don’t mind the cold if I am dressed properly for it. Leise and I were just talking about unpacking our winter clothes, but since we are moving down to the beach there is not the same need.  We are both so grateful for the move. We both enjoy seeing the whales breaching the water surface and then splashing down on their sides, from our patio lanai. The whales come down from Alaska and are the most active in Hawaii from January – March.  I can already feel my body floating in the warm water while I snorkel and listen to the whale song in the distance. It’s good to be home. The water will always feel like home to me!

For today, I bundle up. I turn the thermostat up a degree or two. My wife makes me some hot cocoa. I snuggle with my wife for warmth. She warms my body, my heart, and my soul. I think about how many babies were created because someone lived in a cold area and snuggled for warmth. I guess there are some good fringe benefits to the cold weather.

My wife and I have taken this week off to do our final grieving for the loss of our little angel… he was our son. We loved him so much and will miss him forever. As the weeks passed, I could finally look at pictures of him without breaking down, I was able to do a tribute video of him for our website.  With our last good bye we say… Rest in Peace little BabyBoo, we love you soooo much!

The Daddy of BabyBoo

James Christopher

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