The Next Seminar


We leave first thing tomorrow morning for our next seminar. I am going to be training with one of the top speaking trainers in the country. He has trained many of Tony Robbins’ speakers and I am ready to take my speaking to the next level.

This past year has been growth spurt after growth spurt. Both Leise and I have learned so much. The interesting thing is, I still feel like I know nothing. We purchased a new Mac in April last year and since then I have learned iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, and so much more.  I am still learning Pages and I haven’t even touched on Numbers yet. All things in time. The interesting thing about knowledge is this: the more you have learned, the more you realize how little you have learned. It’s kind of the same thing with money.

Money is like knowledge.  The more you have, the more you realize how much is truly out there that you never knew about or could even fathom.  Also, the more you have the more hungry you become for more, money and knowledge.

A number of years back I was introduced to the self development industry.  I took a little weekend course with Robert Tennyson Stevens.  The course is called Conscious Language.  Prior to this course my body tended to be very cold blooded.  I would normally be wearing thermal underwear, tops and bottoms, to keep my body warm and boots with thick socks to keep my feet warm on a cold winters’ day.  This guy so completely rocked my world and opened my eyes that I use the comparison to the movie “The Matrix.”  You remember, when they wake up Neo (Keanu Reeves) from the dream world? This is what I experienced.  I vividly remember coming back to work after this weekend wearing sandals on my bare feet and a light weight Hawaiian print Aloha Shirt… in the middle of winter.  No thermals!!  My nervous system rewired itself. My body was running so hot for the next week or so until it reached a new equilibrium. Now like an addict chasing that next high I am now hooked on self improvement. I search for that next piece of enlightenment, that next epiphany.  A short while back we attended Anthony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within (UPW) 4 day immersion seminar. This is where I learned the term CANI: Constant And Never-ending Improvement. We learned about physical/emotional/psychological anchors: the good and bad associations we all have in our minds that are linked to certain experiences. I have learned so much and been to so many seminars that I started to recognize similar patterns in different presentations. Next I started to analyze the presentation style. I can usually tell when someone is trying to sell me something versus just offering information and educating me. It’s quite fantastic.

So we are off to our next seminar in the morning. We are off to experience the next chapter and see how we can incorporate it into our lives.


James Christopher

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