You can’t fix stupid!

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I awoke today and I needed to share.  I trust it will be an enlightenment for some of you reading.  We have all heard the saying, “Of all the things in life, you can’t fix stupid.”  Oh boy is that saying a lot.  In my younger days I did not realize we, I, had a choice in my life.  George Michael wore a t-shirt in the 1980’s saying “Choose Life.”  In my rebellious days I wore the “Choose Death” t-shirt, (Ooooo, I was so cool).  My underlying, not fully conscious, thoughts at the time about the t’shirt were, “choose the death of all things negative or self limiting.”  Although I did not realize this at that time,  I now understand the double negative in my wording.

I use the term “you can’t fix stupid,” because I think stupid is a state of mind.  Until we realize we have a choice on everything in our life, we remain stupid. As long as we settle for the status quo and believe what our politicians and the television tells us, we remain stupid.  Until we make that new choice, we remain stupid. Every day, everything is a choice.  Yes, with reactions or consequences for each choice.  But let’s face it folks, we need to stop complaining about the status of things and start doing something about it.  As Anthony Robbins talks about, “you have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired” before most people will make a change in their lives.  Life is a choice.

I heard it once said that, “Being rich is a choice.”  News flash: this is true for everything in our life.  Being old, fat, uneducated, broke, angry, jealous, preyed upon, depressed, sick, tired, are all choices.  Some may say, “You don’t know what you are talking about, Jim.  My situation is different.”  In life you have either results or excuses.  That is all there is.

Some may reject the light.  But the light of truth and the Indomitable Will of the Spirit are things we choose to engage in or we choose to reject.  If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice!!  Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about seeing the beauty in everything. My philosophy states that G*D created everything.  Therefore everything is good.  In fact, one of my affirmations I recite throughout my day is… “There are only 2 things in life:  Good and very Good.”  This is a wonderful affirmation because it inspires me to look for the good in all situations.  It allowed me to rewrite my life.  Many things of my past I was able to review and find the good in each situation.  So now, if my life is unfolding in a different path then I envisioned, I take corrective action and I make a new choice and a new course of action.  If I am upset about something, I make a new choice of how to perceive the feedback.  I ask myself, “What else could this mean?”

I remember being reprimanded and fired from a job, in my youth.  At the time I found “The Good” to be my new freedom of time.  But, I was trying to make light of the embarrassing situation of being fired.  The reprimand and being fired made me mad.  I realize now, I had a victim mentality, “How could they do this to me?”  Now, I realize that corrective action is just that.  It is an action to correct one’s behavior or actions.  I was taking it personal which it wasn’t.  It is like the actions of a marksman. If you miss what you were shooting at do you give up and say, “I will never try that again?”  No. You take aim anew.  Missing the target never means failure.  The only way to fail is to quit.  Missing the target or a goal only means feedback.  Take corrective action (aim anew) and shoot again.

Same as we can choose to be ‘Light Stealers’ we can also choose to be ‘Light Givers.’ We can choose to be youthful, athletic, educated, wealthy, loving, trusting, empowered, empowering, happy, joyous, healthy, and energized.  Where focus goes energy flows.  We can choose to be the lighthouse.  And when you choose to be the lighthouse you may need to purge the ‘light stealers’ from your life.  One of my mentors, challenged me to upgrade my relationships every 90 days.  A good friend of mine once said, “Take your greatest weakness and make it your greatest strength.”  By doing this your armor becomes impenetrable.  You can then sustain anything that life can throw at you and maintain your joyous life.  It all starts with realizing you have a choice.  I choose my greatest possible outcome.  I encourage you to find yours.  No one can make that choice for you.  What do you choose?


James Christopher

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