Lessons in the Law of Abundance


When I used to do sales…
A typical day would be… I get up and I am all excited and very positive minded about how I am going to help the world. I would go out and talk to everyone I know and anyone willing to listen.  If I was not talking to someone and pushing myself to talk to the next person I had feelings of inadequacy.  As if I should have been pushing myself harder.  Then the self talk would start… “Well that was stupid.  Oops.  That was negative.  Aaaarrrrggghhh.  Okay, we must stay positive.”  Negative thoughts equals negative results and pushing away abundance.  I know I am a successful person.  I can do anything.  Why does it feel like I am always pushing?  Pushing myself.  Pushing my prospects.  Pushing a rope up hill.  Did you ever try pushing a rope?  It’s not very productive.  This is not the way sales is supposed to be.  This is what I said I would never do or become… a pushy salesperson.  “Wait! I remember the Law of Attraction.”  This states that we align our energy, thoughts, and actions with that which we choose to attract to us.  Then we sit in the field and the cows come to us to be milked.  So I, “Let go and Let G*d.”  Guess what it worked… for a little while.  Until I no longer trusted G*d because things were not happening at the speed I wanted them to.  “Aaaaarrrrggghhh.  Let go again.  Work.  Let go.  Work.  Let go.”  It felt like a merry-go-round… no, it felt more like an emotional roller-coaster.  The problem was I would put my success in G*d’s inbox.  But then I would pull it right back out and tell him he was not powerful enough to handle my needs. I have noticed when things are not going as I would have them go, I have learned to let go so much quicker and simply share with “the universe” what my intentions are and trust it is coming to me in a perfectly divine fashion.  And it does.  Thus, my advice is work diligently and persistently instead of work hard.  And when you are having a rough day and you ask yourself, “Is the universe conspiring against me?” Remember the words of the great ones who replied:   Morpheus: “No, what happened, happened and couldn’t have happened any other way.”  Neo: “How do you know?”  Morpheus: “We are still alive.”

aloha,  James Christopher


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