Walking Like A Duck


My wife says I am walking like a duck since I hurt my back. She says I walk like her Uncle Donald.  Evidently, he had back challenges as well.  I think she is funny. I check out the way I am walking.  She’s right.  I am walking like a duck.

Last year Leise and I purchased the Skechers Shape-Ups walking shoes. They are designed to tone your body, straighten your spine, give you renewed health and vitality, and grant world peace if you wear them. Okay, maybe not the world peace thing.  But they make all these great sales and marketing claims.  We were skeptical. But we bought them and tried them out.

They work!!!  We have been so very pleased. Like the training DVD that comes with it tells you, “you want to take it easy the first week of wearing the shoes.  This is a new type of workout for your body.”  It was interesting to having a training video for a pair of shoes.  I am grateful they included it.  Our calves and butts were definitely feeling the difference in the walking experience.  Leise’s butt is getting back to it’s cuteness of when we first met.

When she said “duck” the third or fourth time I said to myself, “Where are my Shape-Ups?”  I had not worn them for a while, because I prefer to where them for longer walks and I had not been on a longer walk for a while. This morning I put them on and went for a walk.  Immediately I could feel in my right hip where and how my body was out of alignment.  Again, I immediately knew Leise was right when she said I had been walking like a duck.  I had been!!

Doing my Egoscue back exercises the last three days has made a marked difference in my energy level and back alignment.  This is where I mentioned in a prior blog that my nerves would get frazzled due to the mis-alignment of the back.  That would effect my overall energy level.  Today, between the back exercises and shoes I am feeling well on my way to recovery. If you haven’t read the book, “The Egoscue book of health through motion” by Pete Egoscue, I highly recommend it.

If you know anyone who has back challenges or is part duck, share with them these methods of self healing.  I believe that the quality of your life is more important then the length of life.  This information just may be the turning point to helping someone regain the vitality they once had.


James Christopher


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