What are your Beliefs?


We are at a party today celebrating with some friends and I am grateful for my belief system.  We are enjoying a wonderful meal and playing some games at our good friends house. I just finished a discussion with a sociologist who is here. It was most interesting. I love listening to the world views of sociologists. They have studied things I haven’t. They have the facts, figures, and data that I do not, for I have not studied this field at all.

One of my basic beliefs states that we can do anything, anytime, anywhere. This is a basic belief in the possibilities of life. As we discussed in my 10th grade philosophy class, it is possible that a rhinoceros will come running through the wall right now, but it is not probable.  There is the obviousness that it is possible I can dunk a basketball like Michael Jordan, but it is not probable. Why?  Because I have not done the work and training that he did.  If I were to perform the exact same practice and eating regimen that he did, there is a higher probability that I could perform as he has. This is referred to as modeling.

The interesting thing about our discussion is this. We agreed that people are in the situation they are in life, because of the conscious and unconscious choices they have made.  We agreed that the first step to change one’s status in life is to realize we have a choice in everything we do. Second, is to model those who are successful in whatever way one defines success. Third, is to take action steps toward becoming more like the model they have chosen.

We talked about how self limiting beliefs create our conditions in life. If we don’t like our conditions then we need to change those self limiting beliefs. What I found interesting was the way she clung to her current belief system which was supported by status quo data. For instance, she knows that because she is a female and not a white male she will not advance in her job as quickly as a white male. I say “Bull Puckey!!” If you believe it, the universe will respond accordingly. Even with all that we talked about, she clung to her self limiting beliefs and thus is creating her future reality.

How can I hold to my belief system even in the evidence of historical facts which contradict said belief system? Throughout history it was believed that it was physically impossible for a human to run a mile in less than 4 minutes. In 1954 Roger Bannister broke the world time record for running the mile. His time was 3′ 59.4″. The glass ceiling had been shattered. The previous known truth was redefined. This new world record was bested by 1.5″ just 46 days later. Since then, more than 1,000 people have run a sub 4 minute mile. My point is this, never believe what someone else tells you of what you can or cannot do.  You always have a choice in what you believe and who you choose to be.

As we were discussing society she asked how do we change the world. I told her we start by realizing we have a choice. I recommended she read, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book was written in 1937. It is what the entire self development industry is based upon. I told her that her mom, I am sure, has the book. She confirmed that her mom does have the book and she has seen it around the house. As I suggested she read it and how it would open her mind to the possibilities of life, I could see the resistance forming inside her. Even if she reads it, she still has to “buy in” to the belief system. She can choose to believe only the data that supports self limiting belief or she can choose to believe in possibilities. All this is a choice. I hope curiosity gets the better of her and she reads the book. It can be life changing.

In closing, I remind you that regardless of your level of intelligence, to view the world as possibilities will allow you to grow much quicker than choosing to stick with the status quo. I share some things that work for me.  I choose to keep an open mind. Your choice is to buy into some or all of my beliefs. The choice is yours.


James Christopher


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