Hawaii- Our favorite private beach

I am sitting, watching the ocean. It’s so beautiful with it’s different shades of blue. I listen to music with my headphones on.  I feel the wind on my face.  I close my tired eyes as people drift past me, walking through the resort and enjoying their vacation. As I relax, eyes closed, getting into the rhythm of the beat of the music playing in my ears, I smell the ocean.  As if it snuck up on me, I am suddenly transported back in time in my youth when I was laying on the warm sandy beach during a Southern California summer.  Head buried in the towel.  Relaxed from the massage of the heat from the sun on my body. It is the type of relaxing massage the sun gives you on that sunny day after you have been playing in the ocean. Your body tired, relaxed, peaceful. You smell the salty ocean air in everything.  The air. Your body. Your hair. The towel your face is buried in as you relax on this peaceful sunny day on vacation. I love memories.


James Christopher

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