Reflecting and Choices

Refelcting and Choices

I am standing in Kona de Pele Cafe on Ali’i Drive in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i. I am waiting for my wife’s chai to be made. We just ate a good breakfast at Bongo Ben’s Island Cafe. Satiated, I look out to the ocean water of Kailua Bay. The light blue of the clear water denoting a sandy bottom ripples up and down next to the deeper blue water covering the black lava rock. The formations undulate as the baby blue of the sky reflects off the water’s surface sparkling like a billion diamonds in your mind.

As I relax to the feeling of the ebb and flow of the world, the real world, the world made of nature and of dreams, my mind drifts to thoughts of Greece… and Italy… and the beautiful, peaceful little waterfront towns which people dream about. I remember how grateful I am that we made the decision to move to Hawai’i. I remember how grateful I am, that when 2 years had passed and we were no closer to living our dream, we made a plan to move to Hawai’i. I remember how grateful we are to be… here… now!!!

I spoke to someone the other day who asked me a question, “Sure this is summer, but what’s the weather like during the winter?” I told them, “Close your eyes. Count to three. Now open them…. This is what it feels like during the winter.” The only real difference is if it was winter you would be looking out to the ocean and watching the whales pass by and jump out of the water as they swim down from Alaska each winter to birth their calves.” He jokingly said, “You must get bored with this view.” I responded, “If I ever get bored with this view, I go swimming with the sea turtles or the dolphins. It helps break up the monotony of the days.” He had a slight look of jealousy mixed with envy mixed with “I wish I could _______, but I can’t because _______!” You can fill in your own blank with your own dream and excuse for not living your life on your terms.

Life is a choice. I am grateful not everyone dreams of living in Hawai’i, otherwise there would be too many people living in Hawai’i. The real question isn’t, “Why are you not living your dream?” The real question is, “What is your dream and what do you need to do to make it happen?” This waterfront town could be any waterfront town throughout the world. Take your pick. The water makes you peaceful. The water makes you relaxed. As you define your dreams remember to post them on your wall, look at them daily, and ask yourself, “What is the single most effective thing I can do towards living my dreams, NOW?!?!”

From a peaceful cafe on a beautiful oceanfront coast somewhere in the world, I welcome you to the world of your dreams and invite you to come play where few dare to venture, but all enjoy upon arrival.


James Christopher

2 Comments on “Reflecting and Choices

  1. okay…let me say that if there is nothing else in this world that I do…traveling the world is IT…but how do you make the transition from “my life” full of 9 to 5 and 1 kid..a husband and a household to run…we are not struggling — just getting comfortable…married 1.5 months and now looking ahead at how we want to live. He is a military brat and has been around the world and I am…well..I’ve only been out of the states once and that was our honeymoon 3 weeks ago in Jamaica and Grand Cayman and I thought…just for a second that I had died and gone to heaven…I am a NatGEO and Travel Channel junkie and there is nothing that I want more than to show my daughter all that the world has to offer…there is so much left to explore and if I could spend each day of my life exploring some place new…catching some random sunset off the coast of some random beach just b/c I am in the right place at the right time…or eating something that I know for the rest of my life that I will always come back to this same place for b/c no where else in the world could ever make it the same…or even touching some ancient stone that has been around since time began and pondering the thought that maybe myself and one other human being from thousands of years ago has touched and made a connection with it…my life is full of wishing…and I am working to play the Genie in the bottle…I want so much to see all that I can and share that joy with those I love…I envy you your comfortable seat in front of that quaint cafe…and personally…I would never get tired of that view…awesome post…I’ll be following your words…S.

    • Aloha Concierge Queen,

      First off, thank you so much for your comment. I always love to hear from my fellow travelers (or wannabe travelers). To make the transition from “your life” to living “the life of your dreams” the first thing you have to think about is: How much is your need or desire to travel? Do you need to travel 3, 6, or more months each year? Do you need to live a whole year in a different country? Where is your need level? (Define your dream).

      Before you even answer that question you have to ask yourself do you believe anything is possible? If not, your first step is to read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Also listen to “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale every day for the next 30 days. Also watch the movie “The Secret.” On second thought, even if you do already believe anything is possible do those anyway. It will put you in the right mindset to make it happen.

      Next, you have to determine what your true desire is? To be truly successful you must follow your passions. So, ask yourself, “What would I do if I knew I could not fail?” Write out your answer in detail. Take as much time as you need and keep redefining your dreams. Vague dreams yields vague results. My wife is working on a course designed to help people to find their true passion in life. She should have it posted on her website within the next few week:

      Third, read the book “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris. Then read it again and again and again. This book is literally the blueprint to monetizing your passions and setting yourselves up in a successful business to be mobile and live anywhere or everywhere in the world.

      I look forward to hearing about your progress. Keep us posted. From the beautiful Island of Hawai’i is say mahalo and aloha.

      James C. Christopher

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