Hilton Waikoloa

My wife and I met 11 years ago and we are finally enjoying living the life of our dreams. Travel has been something we have never shied away from. In fact we both believe in taking around 2 months off each year. And we have. My previous career allowed us to do that. It allowed her to not have to work and me to take as much time off as we could afford. Which we did. Why would anyone leave that? I can sum it up in 2 words:  residual income. In the past, I did not understand the power of these 2 little words: residual income. I understood the concept of network marketing and I always thought it was pure genius. I am not talking about one of those illegal pyramid schemes.  I am talking about a legitimate network marketing company. A company with a good or great product and one who pays their associates on time. Anyway, we finally made the plunge headfirst into network marketing 4 years ago. I will tell you it has been one of the greatest rides of our life. I have always enjoyed a good thrill ride but this is soooo much more. I have heard network marketing discussed by the following words: “It’s not the money. It is who you become in pursuit of the money.” Oh my, were they ever right.

Now if you have taken on the joy of network marketing and you are a newbie or you have struggled with other companies in the past, hear this now, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable” ~David Wood. It is all about living into your potential. If you are willing to push yourself through any and all predetermined self limitations you will do great. On the other hand, if you are unwilling to do all that for money, why not do all that to live into your dreams. “There’s only 2 things in life. Results or excuses” ~Jase Souder. Since I was in my teens I have had the saying, “Overcome your fears by doing what you fear most. Stare into the eyes of the dragon.” By having this attitude I have been able to step up in ways I thought were pretty good. I now realize they were just that, pretty good. Network marketing became my new addiction because it involves, what Tony Robbins would talk about, CANI: Constant And Never-ending Improvement.  David Wood talks about the 2 greatest fears: 1) fear of rejection; 2) fear of public humiliation.  Wow, I thought I had conquered those with my previous career.  NM takes it to a different level.

The most powerful lessons I have learned on this journey are these: 1) Become a life-long learner; 2) If something scares you or appears difficult, assign a new meaning to it; 3) Everything you have ever done has prepared you for is exact moment in time; 4) Take time to yourself… And keep moving forward. 5) Read everything in your field of interest. “The only difference between you today and you 5 years from now are the books you read and the people you will meet.” ~ Les Brown

As I implemented these lessons in my life I learned to define my dreams with clarity, make a plan of action, and execute the action steps to live my dreams. If I can, anyone can. The lessons/action steps were sometimes scary, difficult, seemingly impossible, and yet as you define your dreams and break down the impossible to the possible you can do anything. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

So don’t listen to anyone who tries to talk you out of network marketing because
“It’s not the money.  It is who you become in pursuit of the money.”


James Christopher

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