In the Wee Hours…

Rainbow after Sunrise

In the wee hours of the morning all is still, all is quiet. In the wee hours of the morning the moon is setting and the sun still sleeps. The geckos have not warmed their cold blooded bodies, the clouds are still dark all in anticipation of the new morning’s show.

The birds start the show with an early morning song. They call to the sun stating that it’s time to wake up, time to take the stage. The clouds slowly, turn from dark to light blue. You notice the waves crashing on the shore in the distance as the doves coo to each other.

The sun stretches it’s arms reaching across the sky touching the clouds as they melt from blue into cotton candy pink. As more birds awake noting the most precious of times the white heron stretches it’s wings and takes flight.  This is the show.

The sun kisses the sky as the pink clouds disappear. The pink becomes white and the dark bobbing ocean dwellers share their true identity. As they shed their dark cloaks in favor of a white distant form revealing their true nature and purpose, they are fishing boats catching your breakfast.

The dark blue of the sky is all gone now.  The first signs of human life can be heard in the distance as the bird’s songs hit their crescendo and fade into the recesses of your mind. This is the start of another amazingly beautiful day full of fantastic possibilities. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow’s a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why they call it The Present. Enjoy it with all your heart.

Mahalo,   James Christopher

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