Sheraton Ainakai Buffet Restaurant Review

Sheraton Ainakai Restaurant View

Biscuits and gravy delicious. I little spice. Good flavor. Biscuits could use a little more butter. Coffee is good. Not bad. Scrambled eggs looks and taste like they are out of a milk carton. The Korean bbq sauce is wonderful. Salsa sucks. From a bottle. Not home made. Quiche is pretty good once you add some sauce. Bacon is okay. Portuguese sausage is much better. Big, thick sausage slices full of flavor. The breakfast potatoes were okay.

LEISE likes the oatmeal.

Kelan is working the omelet station today. He is a local man. Born and raised Honaunau mauka. We talked story while he made my omelet. He asked what I wanted in my omelet. I told him I married a gourmet chef and I’ve learned. When she cooks with aloha, with love, the meal always tastes so much better. So I said I trust you. You can put everything or nothing in the omelet. I leave it up to you…. The omelet turned out fantastic.

Be warned. There is a very high pitch frequency and a continuous clicking sound which is designed to keep the birds from entering the open air dining area. It is effective. It not only keeps the birds out, I wanted to leave. I had to have them turn it off. Which they did without complaint.  When 4-5 birds came like the the police storming a crack house, we told the staff they could turn it back on if they need.  Tool with the experience. Experience something new. 🙂 If you are sensitive to high frequencies I recommend do not sit near the large open glass doors with the amazing view of Keahou Bay.

All and all we give it only 3 out of 5 surf boards for food quality. And 3 out of 5 surf boards for ambience. The food is nowhere near as good as the Hilton Waikoloa and the ambiance is no where near as good as the Marriott Waikoloa

Aloha,    James Christopher

Fresh Made OmeletSheraton Ainakai Buffet

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