Thru Jim's Eyes


We were hungry today. Imagine that. We find it happens a few times each day. Some days more than others. On this particular day we had driven to the grocery store at Parker Shopping Center to pick up a couple items and take some photos. While taking pictures Leise said there was a restaurant she had recommended to her by three friends. So we ventured there. When she told me about the… Read More

I just met Charlie Weaver, ‘The Running Chef of Hawaii’ and tried his Southern Style Ribs, Mac & Cheese, and baked beans. He has been professionally cooking since he was 12 years young, over 37 years ago and it shows. He was 7 years young when he made his first lasagna.  Many of the secrets to great southern style food he learned from his mother and grandmother.  I have to say his… Read More

We just ate at Hawaiian Style Cafe and I now understand why everyone talks about it so much. Bottom line is, it’s true to its name. It is Hawaiian style. The food is good. You get big servings for a great price. The service and food are filled with much aloha. Leise ordered the pancakes and she received 2 eggs over easy and 2 huge buttermilk pancakes the size of Maui!!!  What… Read More

We are at Solimene’s Restaurant today for lunch. I have been looking forward to trying this place for a while. I have heard good things about it. On first impression, the place is small and intimate, there is only seating for roughly 50 people. Their menu consists of, you guessed it, pizza, pasta, and panini. I started with the coffee. It’s good coffee.  I don’t have to add sugar. This is always… Read More

On a beautiful September day after snorkeling in Anaeho’omalu Bay, Waikoloa, Hawaii, my wife and I chose to have lunch at Hilton’s poolside Lagoon Grill. We started with drinks. She had water with a lemon wedge. I had lemonade. Both were wonderful. I enjoyed the lemonade so much I ordered a 2nd glass before our lunch order arrived. For lunch, Leise, had the Catch-of-the-Day, Mahi-Mahi, burger and I had the Cheeseburger Special… Read More

I recently enjoyed the food and ambience of Lava Lava Beach Club Restaurant on the sands of Anaeho’omalu Bay in beautiful Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii. My wife and I arrived at sunset, which is the absolute best time to be here. The ambience and scenery is amazing. For those who desire a reservation there is seating near the bar. I prefer to be center stage and have the best seat in the house… Read More

I am about to try my first bite of pizza from the restaurant Pau in Waimea, Hawaii. I ordered the pesto, artichoke, mozzarella. This little slice of heaven has already captivated me with its’ aroma. Enough of this blogging. I must get to the eating!!! My observations are as follows: Thin crust allowing full focus on the flavorful toppings. Crust is tasty. Perfect crispness. Artichokes have a good sweet bold flavor reminiscent… Read More

As we relax upstairs on the oversized lanai or atrium I look out to the blue-green of Anaeho’omalu Bay (A-Bay) and the ocean which surrounds the island called Hawai’i. We are reclining, feet up, relaxed, after just enjoying the breakfast buffet at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. The trade winds blow lightly through the open common areas and you can see the palm trees blowing in the breeze. The wind… Read More