Thru Jim's Eyes


We are back at Daylight Mind Coffee Company. This time for breakfast. Yes, my wife actually got me out the door early enough to make it for breakfast. Lol. We arrived and were seated immediately. We chose to sit at the higher table and bar stool seating facing south. This way we can see over the railing. This turns out to be an excellent choice. The waves are beautiful. The slow undulating… Read More

The 3 most important things in real estate are location, location, location and Daylight Mind Coffee Company has all of these. The setting is beyond wonderful as we are sitting for lunch on their lanai listening to the water crashing on the rocks a short 20 feet away. Looking into Kona Bay we see a local boy gathering his fishing nets with his fresh catch of the day. You know he’s eating… Read More

  Today we are dining at the Three Fat Pigs Restaurant at the King’s Shops at Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii. The restaurant is owned by Chef Ippy Aiona, the Hawaiian local chef who became famous when he became Food Network’s top chef star. Raised in the kitchen of his parent’s Solimene’s Italian Restaurant in Waimea, Hawaii, Chef Ippy learned the fine art of cooking at a young age. Armed with an inspired curiosity… Read More

I love Kalua Pork. I love Loco Moco. I love Ippy’s Hawaiian Barbecue. When I saw that Chef Ippy had my favorite foods together at one of my favorite restaurants, I got excited. So I just ordered the pork loco moco on a bed of rice and macaroni salad. Yum!! First bite of the mac salad with tuna and thinly sliced carrots and the perfect balance of salt is mouth watering leaving… Read More

We have heard so many great things about Lemongrass Express Restaurant in the Queens Shops’ food court since they first opened. Right across from Ippy’s Hawaiian Barbecue, one of our favorites in Waikoloa Beach area of the Island of Hawai’i. The “Express” is because it is a scaled down version of the Lemongrass Bistro in Kona about 40 minutes to the south of Waikoloa Beach. To optimize our experience we each ordered… Read More

Today we are at “Up Country Downtown Cafe” in Kailua-Kona on The Big Island also called The Island of Hawai’i. The place looks great, very green, organic, “crunchy”, with a relaxed feel. We are quite excited to review this cafe because we recently discovered the original Up Country Bakery & Cafe down south in Captain Cook. We love their Baked goods and the organic Bebo coffee which they serve is quite nice…. Read More

Today we are at Pine Tree Cafe on the corner of Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway and Hulikoa Drive Road at the north end of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. We have heard great things about this joint from the locals. Upon walking in the door the smells hitting us are wonderful, like better quality and freshly prepared ingredients. Somedays that is a big plus. The time is just before 11am and this place is very busy… Read More

Tonight we are at Genki Sushi Japanese Restaurant on Makala Blvd in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. We heard good things about this chain, but being a chain we are wary. Upon walking in the door the aroma of fresh sushi permeates the air and relaxes us with great anticipation. The restaurant has the sushi chef station in the center and a conveyor belt moving around the outside of him so you select what… Read More

This morning we are enjoying the Ali’i Drive front row view from Bongo Ben’s Island Cafe in downtown Kona. I ordered coffee, Leise ordered a mango smoothie. Both are tasty but not great. The cynic inside me asks if the entire meal will be this unimpressive. Having said that, the menu has so many great choices: eggs Benedict; huevos rancheros;  steak & eggs; catch of the day & eggs; loco moco; chorizo… Read More

I woke up hungry. That is a good sign. I like waking hungry. It tells me I have a healthy appetite and reminds me to take the time to not just eat to fill the body or eat just for nutrition. It reminds me that those things will happen anyway so we are looking for not just food, but good food. Today we are at Holuakoa Gardens Restaurant attached to our favorite… Read More

Biscuits and gravy delicious. I little spice. Good flavor. Biscuits could use a little more butter. Coffee is good. Not bad. Scrambled eggs looks and taste like they are out of a milk carton. The Korean bbq sauce is wonderful. Salsa sucks. From a bottle. Not home made. Quiche is pretty good once you add some sauce. Bacon is okay. Portuguese sausage is much better. Big, thick sausage slices full of flavor…. Read More

We are back at one of my favorite coffee joints on island, Holuakoa Café in Holualoa town above Kona. We arrived early. There are still some carrot cake cupcakes. Yum. I ordered the BLT on a croissant.  I got a black coffee. Leisè got a chai. The carrot cake cupcake is, as usual, divine. The coffee is a little rough. The croissant is burned. Leise’s chai is good, not great. ONLY because… Read More

I awoke this morning feeling spry, deciding to take a walk downtown, a 10 minute walk from home. We chose to dine this morning at Don The Beachcomber’s Tiki Grill Daily Breakfast Buffet. This is one of our favorite places in Kona because Don’s restaurants are ocean front. Listening to and watching the ocean waves crash over the rocks a few feet away gives Don’s our “best choice for ambience” rating. Regardless… Read More

At first entering Annie’s Island Fresh Burgers Restaurant you relax to the open air feel about the place. The makai (ocean facing) side of the dining area is screened in with sliding windows retracted into the walls so you feel the light breeze while listening to the gentle rain on the clear plexiglass awning allowing in the fresh filtered light. Looking out you see the peaceful, beautiful soft peach colored, trumpet shaped… Read More

We are sitting in an outdoor, covered, open air patio with Hawaiian accents. Don the Beachcomber’s Mai Tai Bar is on the rocks in beautiful Kailua-Kona with one of the most amazing views I have seen of Kona Bay. I am finding very tranquil listening to the melodious sound of the continuous waves on the rocks.  The pristine blue water turns white as it washes up on the rocks below. It’s very… Read More