Up Country Downtown Cafe Restaurant Review… breakfast

Up Country Downtown Cafe and Health Bar

Up Country Downtown Menu

Today we are at “Up Country Downtown Cafe” in Kailua-Kona on The Big Island also called The Island of Hawai’i. The place looks great, very green, organic, “crunchy”, with a relaxed feel. We are quite excited to review this cafe because we recently discovered the original Up Country Bakery & Cafe down south in Captain Cook. We love their Baked goods and the organic Bebo coffee which they serve is quite nice. It is definitely one of the better Kona coffees I have tried recently. This location is quite small. It’s 2/3 filled with 14 people and starting to feel a little crowded. We look forward to them expanding with more seating. This place is hopping. Great upbeat techno music. I love it.

Leise ordered for us. For me she ordered the veggie omelet with mozzarella cheese and the Bagel egg sandwich for herself.

The food arrives. First off, the thick cut potatoes are great. The veggie omelet is delicious!!! It tastes very fresh and very satiating. The veggies include spinach, tomatoes, sweet red onions, and sweet yellow and orange bell peppers. I love their hand written chalk sign which states “We PROUDLY support organic and local farmers.” The only thing I would add to this meal is the availability of sea salt. To add a little of any processed salt would be sacrilegious. The bread is a honey wheat nut bread which is divine. The music is now a slower, funky, jazzy, cafe groove. Yeaaaaaaah.

Leise loved her breakfast egg bagel. It had a wonderful garlic spread with Canadian bacon, scrambled eggs and avocado. I try a bite of Leise’s open face bagel. The garlic explodes in your mouth from the very first bite and is working its way up the back of my throat, invigorating my nasal passages. What a neat experience. I might order this next time.

We shared a Witches’ Brew fresh fruit smoothie. It was a delicious blend of strawberry, banana, apple juice, & spirulina. OMG this is so good. I am ordering an iced coffee to go.

This great restaurant has an eclectic draw. Old tanned couples, young couples holding hands, a group of elder women, and every Asia-Pacific lineage you can find are all here enjoying the vibe. “Good grinds and a good groove.” This is the place. Congratulations to the owners and creators of this cafe experience. You got it right.

For ambience I give “Up Country Downtown Cafe” 4 out of 5 surfboards. For food quality I give 5 out of 5 surfboards. For service I give 5 out of 5 surfboards. Overall I give it a 5 surfboards.


James Christopher


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