Lava Lava Beach Club Restaurant Review, Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii

I recently enjoyed the food and ambience of Lava Lava Beach Club Restaurant on the sands of Anaeho’omalu Bay in beautiful Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii. My wife and I arrived at sunset, which is the absolute best time to be here. The ambience and scenery is amazing. For those who desire a reservation there is seating near the bar. I prefer to be center stage and have the best seat in the house regardless of where I am. So we chose to sit at the chairs and tables on the sand. There is no waiting in this section. You just grab any available seats. If there is nothing available then you make new friends as you ask to join people who have some empty chairs.

This was our second time here and we wanted to see how the food compared with the previous time. I ordered the Kalua Pork Nachos. My wife ordered the Waygu Beef Hamburger. The first time we had eaten there my nachos were fantastic and my wife’s medium rare burger came out well done. I loved the ambience so much, because it is truly spectacular and we really wanted this place to be great. This time the pork was a bit too salty in the nachos but my wife’s burger was great. She ordered it rare… still bleeding rare. It came to the table medium rare. Just the way she likes it.

I have heard other people comment that their food experience was not the best. This still surprises us all, because Lava Lava is owned by the same people who own Huggo’s  in Kona, just 26 miles south. That too has a spectacular location and their food is always great. We hope they get the food here sorted out soon, because we love this location. We will try it again and hope it’s not the last time. I give Lava Lava Beach Club Restaurant a 5 star rating for ambience, but a 3 star rating for the food and average rating if 3.5 stars.

Aloha,  James Christopher

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