Pau Restaurant Review, Kamuela, Hawaii

I am about to try my first bite of pizza from the restaurant Pau in Waimea, Hawaii. I ordered the pesto, artichoke, mozzarella. This little slice of heaven has already captivated me with its’ aroma. Enough of this blogging. I must get to the eating!!!

My observations are as follows: Thin crust allowing full focus on the flavorful toppings. Crust is tasty. Perfect crispness. Artichokes have a good sweet bold flavor reminiscent of California Pizza Kitchen but infinitely more fresh.  There is no hint of mass production. The next bite brings a strong flavor of mozzarella with a hint of the artichoke with pesto dancing on the fringe of my taste buds. I already know I will be back to enjoy more of their foods… And I am only 1 bite into my second slice.

Deep breathe… Sigh of relief… They got it right. If you have ever been to Sedona, Arizona and eaten pizza at Picazzo’s then you understand the quality of which I speak. Not the Flagstaff restaurant. It has to be the Sedona site. The Flagstaff restaurant never got it right. But even if you have been to the Sedona site, it is better, lighter, and fresher than that. These are truly made 1 at a time. When you order the Slice of Italy you receive 3 slices of amazing pizza and a lite Waldorf salad. The salad is arugula, apple, blue cheese, walnuts, and vinaigrette dressing. It looks quite wonderful. Once I finish the 3rd slice I will share with you my impressions of the salad. Yes, once I finish the 3rd slice. No, my wife does not get any of this. You know I will usually share my great finds with her… But not this time. I will tell her about it and bring her back here later this week.

One of the guys that works here said I have to try the desert. I was looking at it. It is one of my favorites: Carrot Cake. But first, the salad. The salad is on par with the pizza. All the ingredients are crisp and fresh and tasty good. The decision is made. I must progress to the carrot cake. I pick the specific slice carrot cake with much anticipation. The guy who suggested it said its not just carrot. It’s also mango, and papaya, and more. So here we go. It’s sweet. Not like sugary sweet of cheap frosting and dried out cake. The cake is moist. The frosting has a passion fruit sweetness which lingers on your tongue long after you finished the bite. It is the type of flavor that makes you hungry to savor the next bite even as you are still savoring the last. I get a bite with more mango chunks in it. This is such a nice surprise and interesting twist. The cake is triple layer. (thank you for not skimping). I stop. I clear my palette and prepare for the next onslaught of flavor.
They use local produce wherever they can.  It shows. This is definitely a place I recommend searching out.

Thank Pau for getting right. I give Pau 5 stars for quality of food, flavor, and local relaxed ambience.

James Christopher

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