Southern Style Ribs


I just met Charlie Weaver, ‘The Running Chef of Hawaii’ and tried his Southern Style Ribs, Mac & Cheese, and baked beans. He has been professionally cooking since he was 12 years young, over 37 years ago and it shows. He was 7 years young when he made his first lasagna.  Many of the secrets to great southern style food he learned from his mother and grandmother.  I have to say his ribs are fantastic. The meat melts off the bone in the traditional style of all great cooks. You know the kind, flavorful meat that melts in your mouth from being slow roasted for hours.  Ahhhhhhhh….

The first thing I noticed was the sweetness. I asked Charlie, “What is the sweetness?” He replied that is was maple sugar. You see, he grew up in North Carolina where maple is used abundantly. Charlie explained to me how everything in southern style cooking is sweet and tangy. The second thing I noticed was the spicy tones, or tang, of the sauce. This comes from a dry rub he puts on the ribs before he smokes the meat.  The dry rubs hold the flavor into the meat where it belongs. It was subtle. It didn’t knock you over and send you running for a fire hose. It is a wonderful something which lingers long after you finish eating. As I write this, I finished eating probably 35 minutes ago and my taste buds are still pleasantly warmed by the flavors dancing on the sides of my tongue.

The Macaroni & Cheese?  Likewise, wonderful.  With the flavor of the cheese I knew he was using quality ingredients. And again, the sweetness. He confided in me that he does add a tiny bit of cane sugar. He said that you have to use cane sugar, because the flavor lasts longer. Cane sugar gives the mac & cheese a creamy sweetness which is a delight to the palette.  Finally came the baked beans, they are great with rice or corn on the cob, and I can definitely taste the southern influences. Wow!

The fact that they are a mobile business, he has the ability to move around a lot. You can’t miss them, they are under a blue tent with a big “Southern Style Ribs” sign. Call to find out where he is at today.  You can also place an order by calling them direct at 808-854-3344.

Bon appetite,

James Christopher

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