Hawaiian Style Cafe Restaurant Review

We just ate at Hawaiian Style Cafe and I now understand why everyone talks about it so much. Bottom line is, it’s true to its name. It is Hawaiian style. The food is good. You get big servings for a great price. The service and food are filled with much aloha.

Leise ordered the pancakes and she received 2 eggs over easy and 2 huge buttermilk pancakes the size of Maui!!!  What she could eat was delicious and she still took half home with her.  In tradition with the “Hawaiian experience” I ordered the Loco Moco. For those who don’t know, Loco Moco is enough food too feed a hungry teenager. It is not health food. It is something which will almost invariably send you into a food coma afterward and you will still take half home. Although the specifics vary the basics are a large bed of rice, 1-2 hamburger patties, 2-3 slices of SPAM, gravy, all topped with a couple eggs over easy.

The Loco Moco I ordered, The Big Mok, was excellent.  The brown gravy was ono (delicious). Savory without too much salt, yet you can taste the saltiness. It was a perfect balance. The steamed rice was sticky to perfection. It melted in my mouth. The Portuguese sausage is nice and spicy. It had a consistency more like cooked salami, but good flavor. Link sausage, how can you go wrong with that? The eggs were tasty and, again, cooked to a perfect over easy.

Loco Moco is not for the faint of heart, but it is delicious and filling. Needless to say, anytime any menu item includes SPAM you know you are not talking about health food.  Eating Loco Moco is often less about focusing on the taste of the food and taking your time to enjoy your meal and more about eating it quickly so you can finish it before you get that full feeling half way through. Today at Hawaiian Style Cafe we enjoyed our food and took our time. I finished all of my breakfast and had no food coma. I feel this is a good testament to the quality of the food and the excellent balance of the meal.

True to its name Hawaiian Style Cafe is a cafe. Be warned, they are cash only. If you are looking for a 5 star gourmet restaurant with wait staff dressed in uniforms you will not find it here. This is hanging out with the locals, talking story and eating the good grinds. I give it 4 surfboards for food flavor and quality.  In this world of hype I give Hawaiian Style Cafe 5 surfboards for being true to its name.

James Christopher



my wife Leise

my wife Leise at Hawaiian Style Cafe

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