Thru Jim's Eyes


I love to see my iPad display read no service. As cell phones first came into existence we had to deal with the first generation of “mobile” phones. The term cellular was not used at the time. In the early days of mobile phones you had to carry the equivalent of a boom box or ghetto blaster on your shoulder. They were 2 pieces, you had the hand set which was attached… Read More

I stare at the blank screen. The blank screen which represents so many future journal writings and blog entries. The countless stories representing so many peoples lives and experiences.  My writings will capture some of those experiences.  More importantly, they are written with the hopes of wetting your appetite for your own travels, your own experiences.  Whether you dream of Paris in springtime, riding the night train to Katmandu, taking a slow… Read More

Beautiful morning with the NCL ship in Kailua Kona, HI

Jim’s growing chocolate habanero tree. I’m so excited.

Jim’s baby Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Tree

Early Wednesday morning in Kailua Kona, HI