Thru Jim's Eyes


I am often asked why I moved to Hawaii. My response has usually been, “Because of everything which is Hawaii.” As I sit here I look across the golf course, through the palm trees, up the hill towards Waimea.  The hills along the Kohala Coast are covered in fluffy, puffy clouds. I am awed by the richness of the colors. Since Hawaii is the most remote place on the face of the… Read More

Leise and I stuck around the booth a bit that week and the following and learned more about the coffee.  John had sold coffee for 2 years working with a friend from “South Island,” an area called Ka’u. He had samples of this as well.  Likewise, fantastic coffee. The Javaloha label was from the northern part of the island on the Hamakua Coast. What’s the difference?  Ka’u is grown on the side… Read More

I recently was recounting my introduction to Hawaiian coffee and I felt compelled to share it. I was truly excited when I got invited on an exclusive tour of White Mountain Coffee Company’s farm. Why was I so excited?  Since I first began to have big dreams I said, “In my life I will own a coffee plantation and a vineyard.”  Today, I become 1 step closer to my dream of owning… Read More