3 Comments on “Here is a beautiful adult Jackson’s Chameleon in the hair of our friend Kry’Che (kre-shay).

  1. Aloha Uncle Jim! When we were still living in Waimea, my friend, Minnow, found a Jackson Chameleon, when she came over. It was a male. Then my other friends came over to play and also see Leafy. We called him that because we couldn’t see him sometimes! Hope to see you and Auntie Leise at the Hawi farmer’s market sometime!

  2. This last Saturday, two boys brought their two Jackson Chameleons to the Hawi farmer’s market and they are their new pets, since the day before! I think both Chameleons has names but I am not sure, one of them has name [which I know], Draco, which means dragon! My family and I saw the video you posted with my father! Hope everything is well with you and Auntie Leise!

    Much Aloha from Rachel! [:

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