Thru Jim's Eyes


As we relax upstairs on the oversized lanai or atrium I look out to the blue-green of Anaeho’omalu Bay (A-Bay) and the ocean which surrounds the island called Hawai’i. We are reclining, feet up, relaxed, after just enjoying the breakfast buffet at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. The trade winds blow lightly through the open common areas and you can see the palm trees blowing in the breeze. The wind… Read More

Relaxing on our lanai I look up towards Waimea. The wind is blowing through the palm trees as the sunlight dances with golden light on the palm fronds in the foreground. Up by Waimea and the Kohala mountain the clouds are edging their way over the hill enclosing Waimea with a cool dampness at about 3000 feet elevation. The clouds come over the hill from the Hamakua coast on the other side… Read More

Sadly we report it is time to announce we are saying farewell to our son (Prince Charming). It is time for him to run with the others of his kind. Our son leaves us at the tender young age of 16. Our hearts are heavy. We have already shed many tears and I’m sure we shall shed many more. Our son has been the center of our world for so many years…. Read More