Death in the Family

Sadly we report it is time to announce we are saying farewell to our son (Prince Charming). It is time for him to run with the others of his kind. Our son leaves us at the tender young age of 16. Our hearts are heavy. We have already shed many tears and I’m sure we shall shed many more. Our son has been the center of our world for so many years. Some by our choice. Some by the necessity of his conditions. You see, our 16 son is only 15 pounds. His health has been deteriorating since my daughter’s dog attacked him 8 years ago.  When I speak of his conditions I speak of the bad back where the full size Boxer bit him around his haunches.  Yes, Prince Charming is a miniature schnauzer.

When I first met Leise, my wife, I would go over to her house and while waiting for her to get ready I would throw the ball for and play with Prince. He quickly bonded well with me. Once we were married and they moved in to my house, Prince would sleep on my chest every night if he had it his way. Upon coming home from work I would find Prince sitting 5 feet in front of the door staring up at it in anticipation for my arrival. Leise said he would start waiting at 3pm every afternoon. Sometimes I wouldn’t get home until 5pm and he would already be curled up sleeping, tired from the wait.

He was Leise’s dog but he was my son.  I do and will miss him dearly. Rest in peace Baby Boo.

James Christopher

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