Restaurant Review… Kona’s Best Kept Secret (KBS)


Kona’s newest best kept secret is KBS, Kona’s Best Snacks. It is so secret that you have to search for it… out of town… at the airport (KOA). You will find KBS across the street from the Departure Gate for Hawaiian Airlines. As you are arriving after a minimum 6-14 hour flight and you need your immediate Hawaiian style food KBS is “da bomb.” KBS is owned and operated by a local Hawaiian Rose Lyau who chose to offer a taste of Hawaii with some upscale options. As airports throughout the world try to improve the airport experience, KBS is a great choice.

Leise and I shared the fish of the day, which is always whatever was caught fresh that morning. They usually sell out of the fish before noon, so make sure to get there early. Today the special was the Pan Seared Fresh Caught Ono plate and Leise ordered an Iced Cafe Latte to drink. The flavor of the Ono is ono (delicious). Ono is a local Hawaiian white fish which when prepared properly is quite tasty. It is light and delicious and melts in your mouth. Pan seared without being over cooked. Topping the Ono is dill and lemon aioli sauce which was a wonderful compliment.

The fish is served on a bed of sautéed kale, onions, and tomatoes. Excellent flavor and sautéed to perfection. I only love kale in a glass of fresh juice or sautéed to perfection otherwise it’s hard and cuts my throat as I swallow. This is perfect. The slice of lemon on top rounds out the flavors and brings it all together. I enjoyed the 2 scoops of sticky white rice which I topped with Sarachi Chinese chili sauce. It was amazing.

The Iced Cafe Latte is fantastic. Smooth and sweet in a caramel way. As we left we each ordered lemonade served in a 1 quart mason jar. Eh brah, dat’s alot. I had it with li hing mui (chinese plum sauce) which tastes like an Arnold Palmer. Leise had the strawberry lemonade. Both were surprisingly refreshing and we each finished them quickly.

The food is great and the amazing ambience of the light breezes and perfect temperature of an outside cafe is shear heaven while waiting for your plane to depart. Every other closed up air conditioned airport restaurant will leave you wishing you were here.   For ambience I give Kona’s Best Snacks 4 out of 5 surfboards. For food quality I give 5 out of 5 surfboards. For service I give 5 out of 5 surfboards. Overall I give it a 5 surfboards.

When the time comes to depart our little Hawaiian paradise and your heart is yearning for the next time you will be back to Hawaii you can stop in at the Kona’s Best Secret and have an amazing lemonade on a hot summer or winter day.







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