Holuakoa Cafe: White Bean Chicken Soup

Peacefully, refreshingly sleeping in and relaxing this morning watching the latest episode of Arrow on Hulu was nice. Then I suddenly realized the time was around 10:00am. Still time left to get up the hill to our favorite coffee shop for a cuppa joe and divine pastries. I called to make sure they still had some. Yes, they did. Thank God!! “Honey, how fast can you be out the door?” We casually drove up the hill from our beautiful Kona villa up the hill to Holualoa to the Holuakoa Cafe. After pastries Leise ordered a chai and a blt. I ordered coffee, award winning Bhudda brand, and the soup du jour, White Bean Chicken Soup. As always, everything was amazing. We love this place and highly recommend it to everyone. Afterwards we are off to the beach. From the great state of Hawai’i on the Big Island.

James C. Christopher

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